NPCs & Factions

  • NPCs

    The Hedge Wizard, Polk

    Polk is a strange smelling man who visit the Onyx Lamprey and often hires adventurers to recover artifacts for him. He's also willing to purchase strange curios brought to him.

    Amnon, Grand Wizard of the Order of Tasuun

    A necromancer lord on the Isle of Necromancers, Qaat, who lives in the human controlled city of Zhul-Kha-Nair.

    Nurghal, The Ghoul King of Nycropolis

    A ghoul who rules the metropolis known for the intelligent undead.


    A wizard who has foiled the adventurers many times and is still at large.


    Priests of Morddoth

    Purple robed priests who guard the Mausoleum of Phariom on the outskirts of Nycropolis.

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