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    You can roll dice now again on the forum -- and in fact, it's even better than the previous bot.

    How to Use the Bot

    You use the bot in two ways:

    1. If it's not in a thread yet, mention it and then issue it a command without !. For example, @NerdBot roll 1d6.
    2. If it's in a thread already, you don't need to mention it. Just type the command with ! in front of it. Like, !roll 1d6. Note, make sure the roll is on its own line of text. Don't do it in a sentence. Just type the roll by itself.
    3. In private msg, you can ask the bot to do stuff, like roll dice also. Use the same call as you would if the NerdBot is already in a thread. For example: !roll 1d20-1


    You can send @NerdBot a private message with !help and it will display a list of commands you can give it.

    When rolling dice, you can do multiple dice rolls with the same string.

    For example:

    !roll 6x3d6

    And, this should output 3d6 six times.

    Unfortunately, we can't do 4d6 drop the lowest yet...

    You can roll FATE/Fudge dice too.

    @NerdBot roll 4dF

    And, this should output +s and -s that FATE uses.

    You can flip a coin with:


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