The Necronomicon Expedition

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    St. Damian's Professor Warren has returned from a trip to Greece where he was seeking the Necronomicon. His basement contains a doorway to the Dreamlands. Nathan Euler murders Classics Professor Raptis with an axe in the Starbucks parking lot.


    During the Spring Semester, a group from St. Damian's University went to Thessaly in Greece for an overseas Archeology Research Project. Several students from the trip are missing and one committed suicide. It is your goal to determine what happened to them.

    Archeologist Dr. Hunter Warren and Professor of Greek Dr. Helena Raptis have led several overseas trips to Turkey and Greece. After their most recent trip this Spring Semester, two students reportedly decided to stay in Greece for sightseeing after the project was completed, but they have still not returned and their families have not heard from them. Two other students that returned have since gone missing and did not attend today's graduation ceremony. Another student from the trip, Dustin Burroughs, just committed suicide last night. He left a note: "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons, even death may die. Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

    • Marnix playing Nathan Euler, college athlete (football) at St. Damian. Veteran investigator. Read the Book of Dzun. Compulsion to wander. Friend of Eric Cho and Dustin Burroughs. 68 luck.
    • Kali playing Dr. Sands, History Professor. Dustin was a favorite pupil. Luck 50 = 47.
    • Jason playing Edward Ward, Anthropology Student, friend of Marcus Wildes. Luck 65.
    • Flea playing Emily Kessler, softball student athlete. Audrey was her roommate. Luck 60.

    1. Doctor Hunter Warren, Prof of Archelogy
    2. Doctor Helena Raptis, Prof of Greek in Classical Languages Dept. (Killed by Nathan Euler during the episode)
    1. Tania Bassett – graduate student. returned from Greece and graduated with Master's Degree. From Connecticut.
    2. Dustin Burroughs – Undergraduate. Returned from Greece and committed suicide the night before graduation.
    3. Eric Cho – Undergraduate. Recently went missing after return from Greece. Was scheduled to graduate but not present at commencement.
    4. Chase Corey – Graduate student. Returned from Greece.
    5. Jonathan Eastey – Undergraduate. returned from Greece and graduated.
    6. Audrey Hubbard – Undergraduate. Went missing soon after return from Greece.
    7. Angela Martinez – Missing. Did not return from Greece.
    8. August Putnam V – Graduate student. Returned from Greece.
    9. Marcus Wildes – Missing. Did not return from Greece.

    • The Dean of St. Damian's University assigns Dr. Sands to investigate the trip to Greece, including the disappearances and the suicide. The Dean provides the following background about Dr. Warren: Dr. Hunter Warren came to St. Damians as a expert on early American archeology. However, after his first year he developed a new interest in Greece. He took Greek classes, and became romantically involved with the Professor of Greek. With her, he has led expeditions to Turkey and Greece for the last three years. However, in that time he has been in trouble because he has not published any new articles and therefore his chances of obtaining tenure appear slim.
    • Audrey Hubbard wrote messages to Emily saying that the trip had changed her life and she now understood the truth about the universe. Audrey stayed with her parents briefly after they picked her up from the airport. She acted strangely. Her parents overheard her in her bedroom reciting something in another language. She left after a brief visit and returned to Pinebox. This was a surprise since the original plan was for her to stay at home for the summer, but she was adamant about the need to return to NM over the summer. They have not heard from her since.
    • Eric Cho was supposed to graduate today. His parents flew from China to attend the ceremony, but he was not there. He sent mysterious messages from his trip to Greece, but has barely communicated with them since.
    • Marcus Wildes sent messages to Edward Ward while on the trip, saying that the professors and most of the students were really weird and creepy, and they weren't really doing archeology. They were looking for some book called "The Necronomicon." The St. Damian's Library once had a copy of the English-language version of the Necronomicon, but it was mysteriously removed and lost several months ago. The version that was being sought on the expedition was apparently in Greek.
    • The investigators meet in the St. Damian's Library and exchange information. They visit Eric Cho's dorm room and Edward Burrough's dorm room. Both appeared to have packed up and left recently - laptops and most clothes were missing. In Eric Cho's room there is a map of Thessaly showing the monasteries of Meteora, with a rural area nearby circled.
    • They search the offices of Dr. Raptis and Dr. Warren. In Raptis' office, they find the grades that were awarded to all of the participants. The missing students were the only ones that did not get "A+" grades. In Warren's office, they find the papers that the students turned in for the project. None of them appear to have been read. There is no paper by Marcus Wildes.
    • Dr. Sands contacts Dr. Raptis by phone and they agree to meet at the Starbucks near campus. The other investigators wait at a nearby table. When confronted, Raptis becomes hostile and leaves. Nathan Euler stops her in the parking lot and blocks her way to prevent her from leaving. She stares into his eyes and casts a spell that causes insanity. The effect is probably not when she intended, because it makes Euler violent. He pulls out a hatchet and chops it into her head, killing her. There were witnesses as this happened in public in broad daylight. Euler flees before the police arrive.
    • The investigators go to Dr. Warren's residence, a remote large cabin-like house to the West, on the far side of the Wildlife Refuge. Dr. Sands and Emily knock on the door and are allowed in by a student. Another student looks on from the kitchen. They attempt to bluff their way in, but it doesn't work. The student in the kitchen pulls out an AK-47. Emily grabs it. The other student casts some kind of spell that creates a mist. Dr. Sands has a bout of madness that robs her of her memories of the event. Emily sprays her AK-47, but doesn’t seem to hit anything through the mist. They hear the students running away down the stairs. Dr. Sands and Emily escape back through the front door.
    • Meanwhile, Nathan and Edward explore the back door, which is two stories below as the house is on a steep hill. There is a big mound of dirt outside of the back door. The back door is open, so they enter the unfinished basement. There are stairs up, an ornate doorway, and a deep crude pit. The pit has a rope to climb down. Nathan looks through the elaborate doorway and sees a galactic scene of stars and nebulae. He enters and finds himself on a plain in the dreamlands, near Celephais. Three large worm creatures are crawling across the plain towards him. He retreats back through the doorway into the basement.
    The investigators retreat from Dr. Warren's house.

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