• These are the first draft of base rules. Some sections still need to be added and expanded upon, but you get the idea. Suggestions and revisions are welcome!


    Bases provide a safe place to rest and recuperate, but are constructed inside of Dwimmermount. In order to establish a base, a section of the dungeon must be secured. In order to secure the dungeon, the faction currently operating in the dungeon area must be either driven off (by slaying their leader or eradicating most of their forces) or by negotiating borders and peace between the party and the faction leader. Even after a section of the dungeon is secure, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely safe. The dungeon is a dangerous place and monsters move freely throughout the dungeon.


    Bases provide a secure place to rest, recuperate, and reorganize in the dungeon.

    • The primary purpose of a base is that is provides a checkpoint. It is a (relatively) safe place to rest, store treasure, etc. There are fewer* random encounters while inside the base.
    • Supplies can be stored at a base. Water, food, oil, torches, etc. However, these should be purchased and tracked as they are used (I'll provide a base tracking sheet).
    • It's assumed that backup characters are always at the nearest base to the expedition. If a casualty occurs, the party can return to a base to pickup a new character for that player.
    • Like being in town, while at base the players may choose to "fast forward" time in increments of days or weeks.

    *Occasionally, another faction or monster may assault the base. This may or may not occur while PCs are present and usually when they are not (having returned to Muntburg, for example). This is dependent upon the circumstances of the dungeon and faction interplay.


    Construction includes basic entry control point reinforcement and quarter improvements. A base costs 500 gp per level of the dungeon to construct. Thus, a base on the 1st level costs 500 gp and a base on the 4th level costs 2,000 gp. This also requires laborers to build (assumed within the cost). And, construction takes one week of time.


    Unless you want the base to be overrun by monsters, a sufficient fighting force must garrison the base. The number of troops required to secure a base is based upon the level of the dungeon and the number of squads.

    A squad is 10 troops (1 heavy infantry [squad leader], 2 crossbowmen, and 7 light infantry). The wages for a squad are 35 gp a month. In addition, squads expect to be fed. Feeding a squad costs 150 gp* a month. Most mercenaries provide their own weapons and armor, however, an upkeep cost for gear, weapons, armor, etc. of 15 gp is expected. This brings the total cost for a squad to 200 gp a month.

    A unit is any number of squads that fill a base.

    *This is not made up, but standard prices: at 5 sp a day per soldier that is 50 sp a day, or 5 gp x 30 days = 150 gp

    For each dungeon level, to secure a section at any one time requires the following:

    1st: 2 squads (400 gp a month)
    2nd: 4 squads (800 gp a month)
    3rd: 6 squads (1200 gp a month)
    4th: 8 squads (1600 gp a month)
    And so on…

    Larger sections of the dungeon are harder to control and may require twice as many (or more) squads to control. Half of these troops are actively guarding the base at any one time, while the other half are resting.


    Multiple squads are led by a commander. Commanders can improve morale and help with assault rolls. Commander wages are 100 gp per level of the dungeon the base is on. Thus, a commander on a base on the 1st level requires 100 gp in wages and a commander on the 5th level of the dungeon requires 500 gp in wages.

    Bases without a commander reduce morale by 1 and reduce assault throws by 1.


    A base can also be upgraded with machines of war. Warmachines grant a bonus to assault rolls (see below). Each warmachine costs 500 gp and requires an artillerist for each warmachine who must be paid 25 gp per dungeon level to operate, repair, and train the other troops to use. Having a warmachine to cover each entry point into the base grants a +1 to assault rolls.

    Elite Soldiers

    Elite soldiers can be hired instead of typical troops. The wages for elite soldiers are tripled and require better food and maintenance. Thus, an elite squad costs 300 gp per month instead of 200 gp.

    Normal squads become elite after surviving three assaults, though, they will demand more pay, just like when an elite squad is hired outright. Failure to pay reduces morale and could mean abandoning a post, as normal.

    The benefits of elite soldiers are as follows:

    • If at least half the unit at a base is elite, +1 to assault rolls and 9 morale.
    • If the whole unit is elite, +2 to assault rolls and 10 morale.

    For example, if a secured base on dungeon level 1 has two elite squads, they would cost 600 gp to fund, but grant a +2 on assault rolls and have a morale of 10.


    Living inside of the dungeon is dangerous. A mercenary inside of a dungeon is essentially "deployed" to a combat zone. This takes a toll on troops who live inside the dungeon for a large majority of their time. Even the relative safety of the base is stressful and sometimes even terribly dangerous.

    Morale is checked per unit (each base) each month. A typical unit's morale score is 8, but can be modified by good commanders and circumstantial bonuses. Each month, morale is checked for a unit to determine whether it abandons its post or not.

    1. The first failed morale roll means the squad is beginning to grumble and their morale is reduced by 1 (to 7).
    2. The second failed morale roll means they are failing in their duties and their morale is reduced by 1 again (to 6).
    3. The final failed morale roll indicates they abandon their post entirely, leaving the base undefended.


    When an assault occurs on a base, the results are determined off-screen. The DM will roll on the following table to determine the outcome of an assault:

    2 or less: The base is overrun, suffers many casualties, and the garrison is forced to abandon it.
    3-4: The garrison fails to deter the attack and suffers many casualties. Roll again.
    5-6: The garrison deters the attack, but suffers many casualties.
    7: The garrison deters the attack, but suffers casualties in the process.
    8-9: The garrison deters the attack, with little casualties.
    10-11: The garrison deters the attack and suffers no casualties.
    12 or greater: The garrison deters the attack and terrifies the enemy in doing so. The next time a random assault encounter roll is made, it automatically becomes a result of “no assault”.

    +1 if assaulting force is half or less
    +1 if garrison is elite
    +1 if garrison morale is high
    -1 if assaulting force is twice or more
    -1 if garrison has morale issues

  • Ven

    Are you going to place a max number of mercenary squads available at any given time, or are they "unlimited" being drawn to the area by all of the wealth and magic streaming out of Dwimmermount perhaps?

  • The latter. So long as you have monies to pay them, the mercenaries will flock to Dwimmermount and work for you.

    Now, the ramifications of building a small army could upset some...

  • How about building shrines?

  • @Gombar said in Bases:

    How about building shrines?

    Shrines forthcoming. They will give bonuses to rituals and provide other bonuses based on the god.

  • Added elite soldier rules.

  • Can you give us a rough estimate of what lvl of base we have at the moon pool. We had invested a good amount and the base has been atk i know for sure one time by the knolls

  • These numbers will kick in effective immediately.

    It's a new month, so perfect timing on the new monthly fees. We can just assume you put in the 500 gp for the base construction -- even though I think it was way less.

    We need to establish a more detailed equipment list for your base. I'll come up with a Base sheet for you guys to use so you know what is stored at each base.

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