Distaff's Dialectics

  • Ven

    I want to start a discussion about our intentions for the future of Dwimmermount, both our individual goals and the goals of the group as a whole.

    Distaff is motivated primarily by personal betterment and greed. While he is intellectually curious about the mysteries revealed, his primary objective is to use what is learned to better his personal fortune and skill. Dominion over Dwimmermount is certainly not one of his long-term objectives... though I suspect many others feel differently.

    The more we discover about the machines and their workings, the more Distaff is inclined to want to see them destroyed and the secrets of their making lost with them... but certainly not before we have all personally benefited from their use!

    Dwimmermount is an interesting dichotomy in that it is both the nexus of nearly unlimited power, but simultaneously the seed of one's certain destruction. All that have tried to take and hold it have ultimately failed.... the Ancient Ones, the Eld, the Thulians, Turms Termax and now what? A despot of one of the City-States? The Volmarians? Us?

    I think Distaff has come to the realization that he personally wants to see the cycle ended... nothing short of the utter destruction of Dwimmermount is his endgame.

  • Dungeon Master

    @JohnY Goesil has come to nearly three same conclusion, for slightly different reasons. I'll elaborate later, but glad to see this discussion up.

  • El Cid used to be just like Distaff. Get the goods and go.

    having died and seen nothing on the other end; No gods, no salvation, only the nothingness. El Cid is of a mind to use the mountain's power to gain everlasting life.
    Im gonna live forever or die trying.

  • Montcore.

    Just as many believe Dwimmermount to be too dangerous a force to harness, many have said zat magic is too powerful to be harnessed. Zese silly billies are so afraid of what zey don't understand zat zeir immediate reaction is to destroy it, whatever it is.

    Just like magic, ze dwimmer is filled with mysteries, and once discovered can be used like a tool for ze betterment of mankind. Mien Kampf is to learn zese secrets and harness ze mount's potential for Muntburg.

  • Dungeon Master


    Dwimmermount is the greatest source of power in the known world, that fact is inconvertible. Over the course of history, without exception, its power has led even well meaning state actors down the path of totalitarianism. These organizations were overthrown, replaced, and the cycle started over. The cycle is what needs to be stopped, not necessarily Dwimmermount; it is only a means to an end.

    The real conundrum with Dwimmermount is not its power, but the concentration thereof. Any hegemon with a totality of the power will inevitably become dictatorial. I propose, therefore, to dismantle the Mount, bit by bit, and redistribute her knowledge as broadly and openly as possible. Muntburg is a fine place to sell trinkets, but the incredible works of science and engineering within need to be accessible to as many capable minds as possible. In this manner, we will have destroyed the root issue, while maintaining the wonders within.

    The orrery is a wonderful place to begin. I propose we make a detailed description of it and send copies of it to prominent universities, observatories, and royal astronomers. We will say that the machine itself, with enough power to utilize it for several years, will be sold to the highest bidder, with the contractual obligation that accurate plans to remake it must be made by the winning bidder and then made open to all in one year's time. We will take sealed bids by our own couriers. We'll get a much better price this way, and stand a fair chance of not concentrating its potential.

  • Dungeon Master


    Damn, doc, you talk prettier than a hard up whore.

  • Ven

    He can not allow denizens or other nefarious characters to occupy Dwimmermount. He wishes to stake no claim to the territory per se, but he does want to expel every things he sees. In order to do that, he needs to gain more skills and power (experience & levels).

    He is there simply to back up his friends and allies in whatever their quest is. Diving into Dwimmermount? Eradicating a band of brigands? Investigating strange lights on the mountain side? He will be at your side.

  • Bugman the dwarf is in search of the greatest beer recipe ever made. Dwarven histories (which mostly revolve around beer) suggest that the greatest beer was Dwimmer Lite, a brew crafted by dwarven master brewers in the Dwimmermount.

    Once this lost treasure is recovered, Bugman will build his refectory and get brewing. Many dwarfs surmise that the reason the dwarfs are dying off is because there simply isn't anything good enough to drink. By resurrecting this quintessential beer, Bugman will be saving dwarfdom.

    Bugman often sings,
    "The Double Ds have been drinking and are ready to fight!"

  • Steve was raised by his mother, Helga, on her farm which is located two hours out of Muntburg on the road to Adamas. On her death bed she was about to whisper the name of Steve's father, but suddenly she contorted, shit herself, and died. He decided to forge a new path.

    He sold the farm back to its original owner (apparently it was a gift from some big shot noble, Steve wasn't really paying too much attention) and used that money to open a tailor shop in Muntburg. He heard tailors made good money, still he should have learned to tailor before he opened the shop.

    After months of being known as the worst (but only) tailor in Muntburg, Steve finally got his break when a wealthy castle guy unexpectedly (and who knows why) visited his shop, and endorsed Steve after asking some weird personal questions. Steve doesn't remember his name, but he noted the guy was wearing a nice hat.

    Recently, new tailors arrived in Muntburg and bought Steve out. Steve was retired, but while walking to the temples to make his weekly donations and confession (momma always said to be a good boy) Steve found a flyer nailed to the forum. On it was the depiction of the greatest warrior in Muntburg- Reylas the Black, and beneath his awesome visage it read, "Are you tired of not killing things? Then join the DDs, we kill things!"

    So Steve signed up. He knew his past experience of sewing would be a great asset to such a renowned and elite group of adventurers. He really hopes to become famous enough that he could finally ask the priestess of Tyche (Steve has had a crush on her for years) to marry him. Currently Steve can't talk to her without mumbling nervously, getting an erection, and sweating like a pig.

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