Clarifying What It Means to Be Leader

  • This was particularly bad last session.

    1. The leader is not the sole decision maker in the group. Everyone should be contributing to the decision-making process.
    2. The leader's job is to:
      a. Keep the party on-task.
      b. Settle disputes (using voting process and breaking ties if need be).
      c. Make minor decisions for the party as a whole to keep the game moving.
    3. Relay the party decisions and goals to the DM, so the DM doesn't have to listen to 7 different voices.

    The leader should not be telling other people to shut up or making important decisions for the party without party input.

    If you are the leader, please:

    1. BE a leader. Set an example. Be focused, on-task, and into the game.
    2. Make sure everyone's voice is heard and has a chance to contribute.
    3. Assist the DM in making sure the game runs smoothly and efficiently.

    If you are not the leader, please:

    1. Be polite to the leader. It's a hard, thankless job. As @JohnY says, it's like herding cats. Drunken, douchebag cats.
    2. Be quiet when the leader is telling or asking the DM something. This is to the benefit of everyone.
    3. Relay what you want to do to the Leader, not the DM. If you want to search a wall, go off to explore another room, etc. etc. tell your leader! The leader's job will then to be aggregate all that data and give to the DM so time isn't wasted. "Okay, @Gombar wants to investigate the statue, while he's doing that, @Jackson and @edpfaff are pulling security, and @TomunistParty and @Judge_John are opening the treasure chests." Boom. You tell the leader, the leader tells me.

    The Process of Gameplay should be like this:

    1. The DM describes the situation (DM only is speaking -- everyone else, please STFU).
    2. The party dicusses everyone's plan of action (players chattering -- DM is quiet except to answer clarifying questions).
    3. The leader relays this information to the DM (just the leader and DM chattering -- everyone else is quiet).
    4. The DM describes what happens, calling for rolls as needed (DM only is speaking -- everyone else, please STFU).
    5. Rinse. Repeat.

    Can we do that?

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