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    ORC (Objective Rally Cache): A Cache of necessary supplies brought into the dungeon for the purpose of reducing unnecessary travel and increasing table time efficiency. Placed in secret or otherwise reasonably secure rooms, and left in order to allow the party to move quickly, unencumbered by non-combat or non-exploratory items. Capable of being moved with relative ease.

    Each ORC will consist of 5 packs, three of which are backpacks, 2 of which are custom 6-gallon barrels outfitted with a harness to allow them to be carried as if they were a backpack (Thanks, @Mike).

    Each Barrel Pack, when full, is 4 stone, and has 5 strap slots, just like a backpack. Any number of items in these slots adds 1 stone. Empty Barrel Pack is 2 stone.

    2 of the other packs are Supply Packs, and contain mostly rations, water, and light sources.

    One of the packs is the SDE (Standard Dungeoneering Equipment) Pack, and contains a number of useful dungeoneering items that might otherwise have been too bulky to be chosen by individual characters.

    The strategic value of the ORC is to drop them off, and then strip the party’s encumbrance down to as little as possible, making for highly mobile exploration, combat, and raiding. No one carries more than is necessary for short trips, one day maximum. When we are hurt, are hiding, or are in need of restoring our spells, water, rations, or light sources, we’ll return to the nearest ORC, reducing our travel time inside of the Dungeon. Each ORC should be able to sustain the entire party for nearly 3 days. As we use their resources, it will free up space in them, giving us ample room to return treasure with us back to our FOB or Muntburg. We’ll replenish them on our return, or bring a new one to a new location.

    Contents of Each ORC:
    -3 Backpacks
    -2 Barrel Packs
    -7 Bedrolls
    -24 Waterskins
    -20 Rations
    -10 Flasks of Oil
    -20 Torches
    -3 Melee Weapons
    -1 Ranged Weapon
    -2 Fully Stocked Quivers
    -150’ of Hemp Rope
    -2 Flint/Steel Kits
    -Herbal Case with ½ total capacity of listed herbs
    -10 Iron Spikes (Pitons)
    -Block and Tackle

    Initial ORCs and Placement

    Though we’d like to eventually have ORCs peppered throughout Dwimmermount, allowing us to stay until death or victory forces us out, we’ll buy 3 total ORCs to begin. Because of the backlog of accumulated gear from our previous sessions, 3 complete ORCs will cost 344 GP, 5 SP, 5 CP.

    I’ll track the current location, as well as the inventory, of the ORCs as we bring them into the Dwimmer. I'll also begin doing the Base and FOB tracking and supply-chain management because hey, Yusk can't have all the fun.

    Does anyone have any major qualms with this change?

    Where should the first go? I'm thinking the room of Caint. That place is awesome.

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    Looks great. And welcome to the thankless world of quartermastering!

    What is the cost of a single ORC?

    I think the Caint Refuge is perfect for our first ORC. For the 2nd location I propose the secret room with the 16 monitors that use the "hex" keys on Level 3. As for the Caint ORC (and they should all have catchy names for reference), I think it should be the only ORC on Level 2 (Level 2 including BOTH the Laboratory and The Reliquary) and we can use it if we ever run missions against the Fists as their FOB is nearby.

    I also propose we IMMEDIATELY secure the Pool of Life area in The Laboratory with an FOB. It is way too valuable to let fall into another group's control.

    The way I envision this... ORCs are only established in active (or future if we are lucky) adventuring areas and FOBs are built after we "clear" a level. I propose we alternate levels for FOB placement going forward (Levels 1 & 2 being an exception) or, if our funds permit in the future, one FOB per level.

    Also @Jackson, are you requisitioning equipment from the Community Supplies to supplement these first three ORCs? If so, let me know what items and I'll remove them from the list. I'm also going to deduct the cost of these ORCs and the Moon Pool FOB on Level 1 since it's a new month of expenses.

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    Cost of one ORC is 156.15.

    Moon pool base forthcoming, probably Sunday (today's my anniversary). Agree to immediately secure and fortify it.

    From community chest:. Spear, 5 polearms, longsword, battle-axe, shortsword, backpack, bedroll, lantern, all flasks of oil

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