Pendragon Bundle of Holding

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  • Pendragon will always be memorable for Chris just totally wrecking Andy's game. Intentionally. Savagely. Humorously, if you can detach the sadness of watching Andy's hard work be destroyed so blatantly. Seemed like an interesting game the little we got into it.

  • Id play it again. I thought it was quite fun.

    It would be better suited for just a few players, let's say 3. That way you run through campaign seasons faster and more immediately realize the family dynasty your creating. Otherwise you can get bogged down with too many personal sidelines, such as Muktors, Deus Volt, princess chasing, etc.

    Loved the passions mechanic and the passing down of legacy. HATE SAXONS!

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    When I played with Andy (different than the game you're talking about @sellanraa) I thought it sucked balls. It was crazy railroady -- and not the trait system, but the whole "grand campaign" where event X happens and you are just there and a participant and it's not like a traditional "go anywhere do anything" roleplaying game, but a "this is King Arthur and you will experience it" type of simulationism (to use a Ron Edwards term).

    But, I could see it being good if you just ran it as a custom Knights game.

  • I think that was Chris' primary complaint too. It was DE-railed too soon for me to know what my take on that critique would be.

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    I agree with @TomunistParty that it could be good though with the right crew and I love the idea of campaign seasons and a dynasty that you play. I've been considering doing a Game of Thrones-ish hack of Pendragon where you play a noble house that you create.

  • @Mike
    I was really toying with the idea of altering the story-line to make it more open ended. With the focus of the player's adhering (or not) to their obligations as the lord of a Manor and also improving their estates from season to season.

    Each season would open with a random event the players' world would react to, thus causing change, conflict, and story.
    And on the closing end of the season the players would get an opportunity to further engineer their holding.

    The game already has built in mechanics for horses being born, children surviving, etc... Add some character chosen opportunities to these as well. Provide detailed info about a character's acreage, population, resources... make it like a build your own little town simulator.

    I think that would be interesting.

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  • Ya'll might want to check out the new Runequest when it comes out later this year. It is supposed to have a system similar to the Pendragon winter phase, but by season instead of by year. There's nothing about that aspect of the rules in the quickstart book, but the designer has talked about it on the podcast. The characters are assumed to be part of the same clan or tribe or whatever, and each season the characters have season actions and you roll for whether the clan improves and so forth. Apparently Greg Stafford (designer of Pendragon and Runequest) created these community rules for Runequest a long time ago but they were never published. Then they were adapted into the "King of Dragon Pass" computer game.

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