• Does anyone have any experience with Roll20? I've kind of kept an eye on it over the last year trying to find a weekday evening game of Mouse Guard, Torchbearer, or Burning Wheel and I think something may work out finally for a regular Torchbearer game.

    In the meantime I've watched some archived games on Youtube that utilize the Roll20 interface and it seems useful.

    I'm curious if anyone cares to share experiences with it if anyone has given it a whirl. If anyone is curious, here's a link:


  • Since no one else may have experience given the silence, I figured I'd share my experience on my first night where we just worked on characters for the Middarmark game.

    The interface was pretty intuitive and the connection to video and voice, which I was most nervous about having to sort out just sort of happened. Super easy!

    However, the audio did have some issues and the other players said that's not new or uncommon with Roll20 so we had Skype on the ready and shifted audio to that.

    Otherwise, it seemed like a pretty cool way of playing with people online. I wish the forums and game search engines were more customizable (like in searching the forum for keywords like the game you're searching for, you can't sort the results by date) but so it goes. Might be worth checking out if you're looking to remote game.

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