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  • Hmph. My name is Fargrim Gorunn, and this is my story.

    It was another day in the forest. The sun high in the sky, and several strange travelers walked under the tree I had been sleeping in. They were a strange group, from a green Dragonborn, to a small halfling and several others. The teifling and human completed the strangeness of their party. As did their actions. For as they approached the cavern resting place of an orc raiding party that I had been keeping an eye on, and seemed to attempt to reason with the brain dead beasts. And yet somehow, their ruse seemed to work. We're they allies of these orcs? It seemed very strange that the orc was being so un hostile towards them. Then the halfling drove his blade into the orc's threat and that was the end of that. But not before the others had heard the commotion and came out with an ogre and their chief. A battle ensued, with spells and weapons being flung at both sides. The one in the middle of the fray, a spellcaster of some kind, proceeded to seemingly blow the ogre apart single handedly. It would've been impressive if it hadn't been for the fact that he was nearly torn apart by the rest of its allies. Both sides fought bravely and soon the orcs were dead, with the halfling seeming to take most of the kills by darting between bushes and people, cutting necks and hamstrings as easily as carrots in a stew or meat from a roast.

    They proceeded to collect their spoils and I thought of revealing myself, praising them for a job well done, and scolding them for not leaving any for me, when the strangest sensation appeared. My heightened senses were telling me that the rumbling that soon began shaking the trees was no normal earthquake, but the signaling of a massive creature. When I discovered it was traveling in this direction, I began to run in the opposite, knowing I would need a good head start, due to my cursedly short legs. By the time it appeared, I was halfway through the forest, hoping that the trees might slow it down, even slightly.

    My running lead me out to one of the roads carved through the forest by the disrespectful locals, but they did do their best to make amends. Sort of. My sprint nearly caused me to run smack into the halfling from earlier, who seemed rather fleet of foot, and had quickly outpaced even my start. The beast chased the lot of us, seemingly having already ate most of the party, for only the halfling, human, and teifling remained. We ran for what felt like hours, finally stopping when it turned towards the north, supposedly going home. Why it was in this area or what attracted it, I'll never know.

    Being a good Druid, I let the others rest, keeping a vigilant eye out for the beast or other dangers. Some time in the early evening, a band of goblins appeared on the road, possibly looking for their next victims. I attempted to hide but one must've saw me, or a snore escaped one of the sleepers. Either way, I awoke them in time for battle. We quickly killed the lot of them, or should I say they killed them. I wasn't able to squash a single skull with my great club before they were all dead. The teifling must've been some kind of wizard because he next cast a spell that granted him a companion in the form of an owl. Through the owl, he learned the location of another band of goblins, preparing themselves for an ambush on a caravan traveling the road. We dealt with them just as quickly, taking one as prisoner.

    The wizard asked the goblin about a fortress and was pointed in the direction of west. The wizard then tried to kill the goblin but failed, and when the goblin then successfully escaped, I did not give chase. There is nothing good that comes from murder. We rested and readied ourselves for the coming journey. As a bit of a nomad with no real home except for the blessing of Nature's plenty, I thought that going with them would be good. If this fortress was filled with goblins, the destructive little buggers would burn down every tree they could get their hands on in their forges. We'll see if they like the taste of fire when I'm done with them. Or maybe I will let them taste poison, or the feeling of my claws as they rip through their fleshy bodies? Either way, I plan on taking helping this party fulfill their goal, for the good of the region and for Mother Nature. I just hope they don't leave me behind.

  • Adventurer

    Issac log date 1
    after the long day of getting this dumb orcs who can't counted, thinking that 4 is the same as 8 that help us by our party member that teifling sorcerer that I just had to work with before this quest, with the spell friends controlling that orc. when we hiding for what feeler like cleaning the Great Church of Lord Apollo during my youth the wait was almost painful, and then the halfing killed that orc. after that fight a short rest out of the cave a Purple worm of all thing, with a great fear of our live we ran but The Great Green Dragonborn, with the bravery to fight such beast who just had to die and get eaten by it. I try ed to kill it by crushing it with it next to the cave when we where out of the cave, however my plan failed and we just have to run passed this Druid and 4 humans trying not to panic then just said what came to mind after what the danger is gone, I I want to sleep. But was waked up by the Druid because this goblins. I hate goblins I think there evil because my last party made me go to this cursed land becoming a goblin in this spot or be eaten by fairy. So when I see a goblin after waking up burning them with scorching ray burning only one hit to death and guiding bolt the other. Then after we sleep to night our wizard summon a owl and learn of a another band of goblins with Lord Apollo help we crush them but one lived and beg for it live my revenged agent goblins for having to be one for a minuted but I cant kill if it cant fight back. So I let it life and learned where it fortress is no doubted it boss is a fairy because it evil, I cant wait to we go the fortress and burn them to the ground and make it a church for Lord Apollo.

  • Fargrim journal
    Entry 2

    The day started out with a turn for the worst. As soon as I woke from my sleep, two teiflings show up, one loud and very annoying, the other paranoid and annoying. Hmph. I'm wondering if I should've even bothered getting out of bed. It was slightly entertaining when I began tossing a pair of produce flame from hand to hand and the loud one began to immitate me. But I quickly grew bored of him, the red one, whose mouth never seemed to close. He seemed to know the others, so I didn't think of him as anything but a runt or a stray. He would do whatever he wanted.
    The paranoid one, blue in color, wielded a dagger that dripped with assumed poison. He did at one point ask me my name, and only my name, which I gave, but I mostly ignored him. He was the strangest of the group.
    Another stange thing was that the elf turned out to also be a tiefling. I don't know why I didn't notice. Maybe it was some strange magics. I care not for the spells of the arcane. His eyes were the same purple though. Maybe that was it.
    I quickly grew bored and annoyed by the new Tagalogs and begun leading the group through the trees towards the possible structure that they were looking for.

    We traveled for a while and located a scout troop of goblins, which we quickly dispatched, my bear fangs ripping out the throat of one in a single bite, the blood warm in my fur and tasty on my tongue. Killing descecraters of the woodlands can be enjoyable at times. I kept one alive, preventing his escape with a paw on his chest. A growl to the others let them know to not kill this one, like they tried to do to the last one. We gave him a chance to earn his freedom and show us to their fortress. He was quite entertaining for one of his kind, though I was sure to keep him secured at night while we slept. He seemed a bit more honorable than most of his goblin bretheren.
    With a few goodberries in our bellies, we began traveling again and got much closer before nightfall. We planned a bit though not as much as we should've. The next morning, we approached the castle, the goblin's information earning him his freedom and a bit of trust. I hope I do not regret it. The two annoying teiflings, the blue one turning out to be a cannibal, began casting spells seemingly to lure out the goblins inside the crumbling human structure. This was perfectly fine with me as they seemed to be a perfect distraction while the rest of us, with goblin following halfling, snuck around through the tree line to the side of the castle and I began to climb in giant spider form. I pulled a rope, handed to me by "not an elf" and stuck it to the top with a bit of webbing. Having thought it might've been open at the top, there were very few holes to get inside through. I looked around while waiting fo the others to climb, though only "not an elf" was the only one. I hope the other two don't get themselves in trouble. In one hole that was close to me was what seemed to be the cage home of an owlbear. Not wanting to disturb the creature, knowing better than to mess with one alone, I quickly communicated to "not an elf" to not go in that room. Swimming to find no other way to get inside quickly, like I had hoped, I let "not an elf" climb on my abdomen and I climbed down to the wall that had been destroyed by the other two tieflings. Why they were casting such spells against a wall, I do not know, but "not an elf" began casting his magics to cover them and the human who had gone inside before us. I could not see the human, but I'm assuming he must be in a bit of trouble, as I thought I heard a yell from the next room.
    Hobgoblins began pouring out of the nearest doorway where "not an elf" had caused some kind of explosion. Hopefully he does not bring the structure down on our heads. I think the red one is more likely to be doing that, though he did seem a bit out of casting for the moment. The hobgoblins surrounded "not an elf" and put him on the ground. I scurried along the wall in spider form, dropped wild shape to land on top of him, cast cure wounds on him, then turned into a bear to cover him while he came to his senses. As soon as he got up, he began casting spells again, scattering them with a thunderous clap. I brought down another that tried to release the owlbear upon us, but we closed the door before it could attack. Another hobgoblin was brought down by the blue tiefling, who was strangely being followed by three seemingly undead creatures. Disgusting, but I plan on destroying them as soon as their usefulness runs out. We now search for the other three, the human, halfling, and goblin, hoping to find them in a state better than undead. Hopefully before blue tiefling decides to eat them.

  • (in a mix of abyssal deepspeak infernal and sylvan)
    The private journal of Rayel.
    After i helped free some random village from a gnoll army and slaughtered their leader Iron jaw, i packed a few pounds of food in my bag and headed off again knowing if i stay in one place to long they demons will find me. Oberon and his court say they still watch over me but will do little to intervene. "if you are not strong enough to survive without my direct intervention, you will die" those words still ring in my head.
    I came across a group of mercenaries in the forest I almost killed them. there is a short one i call appetizer, just enough fat to cook nicely. I'll watch my back as per usual but these foods will make great distractions and decoys for me even if it means losing all that tasty meat. They seem to be on a contract to eliminate some goblins and other things, we were ambushed while walking around, i have no idea where they are going. I do need to watch out for the priest though he seems to have an unnatural dislike of they fey, i'll most likely eat him first. we managed to kill most of the goblins, yay more food, but captured one alive hoping to lead them to the base of operations, the shapeshifter i need to be wary of him, he can take many forms, many delicious forms, im off track again, we managed to find an old crumbling fort or castle some big stonework structure of some sort. while the mercenaries talked about a plan of some sort i decided to just get it over with and started blasting my way inside, i didnt manage to take the wall down but alerted the residences which i quickly put to sleep and began gathering more fresh meat, this odd magic user finished the hole i started only to reveal the kitchen, togoro togoro, there were many more goblins inside i even had to use my ward of animate dead, they almost killed one of my walking foods but luckily it didnt get destroyed, these things come in handy, one of the many reasons to carry them, i did accidentally dump out a live goblin, i was pretty sure he would of suffocated by now but that wasnt the case unfortunately, theres still more left here, i go where the wind takes me and it took me here, time to do what im needed to do and move on, but what is it i need to do here? its got to be something more complicated than just kill goblins it doesnt seem like they need my help with that although another one of the food casters did fall unconscious, it has been an interesting few days lets see where this leads to.

  • Adventurer

    Issac 2nd log

    There more Teifling now there ever, I should have taken that as a warning sign that I fail unconscious , that sorcerer Teifing and now a warlock Teifing that came at us with a dagger after some time pasted we calm all done. Then that Teifing warlock that called us food, but with the 5 of us and this warlock wasn't attack us. We killed some more goblin with me not getting to do much and learn more about the goblins castles after I takes some rocks that I can use as a good light spell target. Then we were near one of the goblin's castle I heard a plan that our party wizard, Druid and rogue that they will stealth into the castle and us sellcaster will attack all the goblins then learn that Teifling warlock had a bag of holding such a powerful item. Then we went into the castle when I walked in, afther walking I when to a dark room I used the rock that I know will be useful with light and learn about the room, however I didn't look that carefully and I heard this load sound and was started to move there then some strong foes and scorching ray did nothing to the two of them and then tried my best plain to ask lord Apollo with divine prayer and killed them but I was to late, getting hit after the spell scorching ray and I black out.

  • Judge

    Seeker’s Journal entry 1:

    The beginning and almost the end.

    So, Orcs and a purple wurm. Fuck today. Seriously. I’ve never encountered such sheer terror… But I know my search will lead me to darker times. Times more dangerous than this. I will free the Progenitor. That must be achieved. My worth in the family is staked on it. A measily worm and some orcs aren’t a problem. Not when I need to raid the Infernal and Celestial planes to find the Progenitor. I am exhausted it’s time for some sleep. I must not falter in the coming terrors.

  • Judge

    Seeker’s Journal entry 2.

    Another day of work.

    We finally found the castle. It was a wholesale goblin slaughter. It was a glorious sight. Now it’s time to explore and do a little clean up. We have most of the goblins, I’ve had a couple close calls, but I’m guessing we are mostly done. I don’t see much left to explore.

  • Fargrim journal 3

    The Battle of Broken Keep.

    I have been forced to speak more and more with these annoyances. But such is the requirement when trying to communicate. Unlike the animals and trees with whom I have had close kinship, these creatures require words in order to understand what I say. With the owlbear currently locked away, we set our sights on the clearing of the rest of the castle. We immediately found the human sleeping on the job, or thought so till it was found he had been attacked. I healed him, having to come out of bear form to do so, losing lay last use of Druidic power with it, with a healing potion the halfling had been hiding in his sneaky thief bag. At least he can fight, unlike many of the others.
    We battled the creatures that downed the human while attempting to stay alive. The creatures were able to wound me, but I was quickly patched back up through the divine words of the human. His God, Apollo is at least an honorable one. We continued to explore and fight, finding another halfling, fresh from the village, in combat with hobgoblins. Music was found to be playing, and not knowing it's origin, we stuffed rags and wadded slices of rope in our ears to prevent any foul magics from overtaking our minds. Being low on magics, we opened the door to find swarms of rats and hobgoblins controlling them. A bit of insight into our halfling lightfoot friend told be to give him cover, so I cast fog cloud and filled the area with it, blinding everyone. The slaughter began, sort of. Our new halfling ally, whose name I have yet to learn, fell in the confusion, though was patched up with another potion after the battle. I might want to invest in those myself. Maybe find a way to make them?

    With the castle seemingly cleared of reinforcements, we rested, needing a breather from the battles we had just fought. I turned into a dire wolf and began sniffing out any other possible enemies in area I had yet to see. Goblin friend followed, finding his own hidden potion, which the tiefling zombie master took an interest in. Pitiful that he would pick on a weaker creature. I followed my nose to the last unexplored area and found the last of the enemies. When halfling friend found us again, I assumed the others had done much the same thing from the other direction. I placed the sneaky fellow on my back so we might attack as one, taking advantage of each other's skills.
    The battle that followed was quick and bloody. The three combatants were put down quickly and what was though to be an enemy Dwarf was found to be something called a doppelgänger, a creature able to take on another's form. While I had hoped to get some information out of it, it was quickly put down. We found many things hidden in this apparent leader's room. We were happy with the things we discovered. With our apparent objective completed, the locating of a dwarf, our mission was complete.
    Now on to more important things, like saving the life of a goblin and an owlbear.

  • Fargrim journal 4

    The new journey begins.

    With the battle won and new information discovered, the party of misfits began the journey back to town. With everyone well rested, and the map and fellow dwarf, Durigar, recovered, we found at the gates, an interesting human woman who seems to have joined us in our...adventures. She is Victorious. Strange name, but maybe she will help bring what her name implies? Unfortunately, her joining us brought us into direct contact with the Redbrands, the organization of thugs we just discovered may have been working to both usurp control of the town and kidnap all with information about the "Lost mine", though I still think it's a elves tale.
    While speaking with the mayor of the town, we were interrupted by several Redbrands who felt the need to attack us because they felt insulted by "not an elf". Pathetic. Dwarves are made of harder stuff than them. And they could've been shape changers, though It was unfortunately proven false by a casting of Moonbeam. Nothing lost though. The battle was swift, and they were quickly dispatched, with our swords and teeth bloody. They really need to learn how to pick their battles better.
    We next decided to split the party a bit to fulfill our collective goals faster. The major portion of the party would go to the Mine descovered by Durigar, and the tiefling spell caster would infiltrate the Redbrand organization and hopefully not get himself killed. I wish him luck. I was not going to do it. So now we stand at the entrance to the mine, only a short distance from town. I wonder if elf and fairy tales really come true?

  • Adventurer

    The Journal of Aleror Terethas "Pride"

    Entry number 1

    To my future fans,
    So I have once again been suckered into a situation of absolute stupidity. So what has it been now, rats, fairies, and now a gang of murderous gold hungry nuisances. At least I have ditched the others. I hope i can convince the Redbrand commander to deal with them... well everyone except for the two humans. I, for some unknown reason, can't bring myself to harming them. I wish them luck in hunting down that fairytale. Not much time to write sadly, I'm being taken... somewhere by redbrand guards.

  • (in an odd mix of deepspeak infernal and sylvan)
    the private journal of rayel
    Carried the food caster back to buffet because somehow it can heal? Appetizer was carrying around some healing juice \even though healing juice taste horrible/ for the food caster, I'll call him foodpollo to get back on his feet. We continued to explore the castle, i searched some old crate and found nothing of worth. i hear someone scream and go to investigate, turns out another piece of food got hit with an arrow,\I might need to learn their names eventually/ more goblemups are left in this castle. i sent my undead food to clear the rubble to get to the goblemups. my undead food was killing the goblemups for me. blasted some wierd tentacle not sea food, blasted it to near pieces but foodpollo kept missing. name the friendly goblemup salad. the wild magic user melted a goblemup. my undead food surrounded and beat on the not sea food and i nuked it death. found an owl bear left it alone. found a bunch of salted meat in some old crates, rats swarmed my undead food and buffet. so i blasted some rats until buffet dropped a smoke out on us found and made of fun a hobgoblin so bad it hurts then proceeded to kill them. buffet turned into a dog to search for the dwarf they were sent for. found some shady characters trying to make some kind of deal so i blasted them down had to cast a spell to kill the big hobgoblin and his vicious wolf. on the way back to town i bought foodpollo from the wild magic user, and volunteered to identify the weird flute, the wild magic user and some super strong swoon juice buffet had to carry me and the stabby food, the stabby food starts trouble with the town redband guard but it seems settled after one of them makes gold from thin air \i bet it will disappear later hehehe/ we went to the mayors office to see about getting paid for the work they did, ended up selling a doppleganger corpse to the mayor for some gold but in the following confusion of redband guards attacking us i hastely stuffed it back in my bag, i slowed the redbands down to help in the fight, buffet turned into a wolf and tried to get all up in there but was to big to fit, killed them with relative ease, foodpollo went to build a shrine to apollo, we made it to the stone hill inn, the dwarf we rescued showed up where the mine was on the map, i went and stole a cart knowing we would need it for the trip, but after sleeping in buffet buys the cart anyways, i still dont quite get this whole money thing they got going on i like to barter instead, makes more sense, we bought a bunch of climbing gear to help traverse this mountian that the mine is on its pretty steep, we got up there with relative ease, even though i had to grab one of the decoys with a thorny vine, better than him falling to his death and me losing all that meat. we take a short rest at the mines entrance. i wonder whats actually down there.

  • Judge

    Seeker’s Journal

    After a hellish journey, we find ourselves back in town. After finding out that the man who would pay us had been forced out of town, I grew weary of the Red Jackets or whatever the hell they call themselves. Screwing with the flea bottom hicks is so easy. Just wave gold in front of them and they quiver to get it from you. It only took them the full hour to figure out I had duped them and had come charging in. They were dispatched easily by our group.

    Eureka. A plan. A brilliant lovely plan. With my beggar’s guild connections, I can learn most juicy morsels of gossip and more when entering a town. With the Red Idiots at my side, I would have an information network AND the beginnings of a decently sized army, and full of numbskull level cannon fodder.

    All I need is this other Teifling to not get himself killed. All I need to get the Equipment from the cave and hope he has talked/killed his way to the top. It all depends on him. I know I’ve treated him roughly, but I expect more of him. He’s a natural born caster. It took me years, dammit, YEARS to learn all I know. And he was just born with it. But now, my plan rests on him. I can only hope he can stay alive, it would be a shame to waste such an option as the Red Fleas present themselves as.

  • Adventurer

    Isaac journals 3 after we take down the , we when to back to the town and we found the "Red jackets" that went to the town-hall and we projected them with Lord Apollo letting me use channel his great power, then we I here that I can start getting more followers for Lord Apollo, which I will do then to pay of my dent to "Pride" the teifling The warlock life eater pay it off because I didn't have the gold, now I own a new dent that wasn't the best pick but a lest he don't want to me to do something evil all he wants is healing, then we went to the overpriced inn and I play the flute before going to seep. Then after getting a plan with our party, then when we want to the cave and Pride went by him self to red jackets base and we got to the cave.

  • (in still an odd mix of deepspeak sylvan and infernal)
    (buffet = dwarf druid) (appatizer = halfling rogue) (foodpollo = cleric) (blaster = wizard)
    The private journal of rayel
    We started our descent into these unknown depths, didnt take but 5 seconds for gungeer to fall apart at finding his brothers dead body, I have such a deep personal loathing towards my family i couldnt even remotely understand his feelings so i just cast calm emotions to get him to stop blubbering and phantasmal force to help him dig what he called a ?grave? it just looked like a waste of meat to me but its not like im lacking food at this point. buffet managed to find a trail to follow, it wound around to some gelatinous cubes appatizer almost died i tried to save him with my chain but blaster just reached in and yanked him out. almost looks like a minecraft build in here (whatever a minecraft is) me and foodpollo now smell lemony fresh, but i found a scalpel in the ooze i chucked it to foodpollo who gave it to appatizer, so i own foodpollo and foodpollo owns appatizer does that mean i own appatizer, the idea of owning more decoysdoes appeal to me aso i bought blaster as well, he was more coins than foodpollo but buying decoys seems easier, once they are dead i can just take my coins back anyways, found a nice little hot spring with a wierd wand in it with some signet rings, the wand to my surprise blasts things, so of course i gave it to blaster, im not very handy with weapons i tend to just blast from a distance and that works fairly well, im coming to the conclusion im stronger than the decoys and i dont know how i feel about that, i need to make it more than only 10 ft before they all die on me, but so far so good, we open a door while arguing to find 7 bugbears, appatizer just one shot one of them, he was a good purchase i like how foodpollo thinks, i slowed the rest of them down to make them easier prey, after killing them all i set my zombies to watch the doors and went to sleep, tomorrow shit gets real i can feel it, maybe titania will grant me a dream of what may come.

  • Victorious journal entry 1:
    I arrived at the city of Phandalin only to be retained at the gate by a group of wanna be gangsters who call themselves Redbrands. Sent on a mission by the noble Johnathan of Hissam to find the Lost Mines of Phandelver, I was determined to enter the city to investigate further. No one was going to stand in my way, especially not 3 fancy red coat wearing goons who seemed to get off on power tripping. Luckily for me, there was a charming tiefling sorcerer near by, who came to my rescue by paying the preposterous toll the Redbrands were requesting. The enchanting fellow not only came to my mercy, but also invited me to join him and his group of misfits which included a halfling rogue, a tiefling wizard, a tiefling warlock, a human cleric, and a dwarf druid. A lively bunch, I may add, who seemed to disagree alot but were definitely fun to watch. They were on a quest to find some dwarf, who was believed to have created the map to the "lost mines." According to the sorcer, they were looking to receive payment for the return of the mapmaker whom they referred to as Gundren or something to that effect. I was half listening to be honest because I was still steaming from those Redbrands! Hmph! They really ticked me off with their rudeness. One thing that I've learned from my father, The Great IAM, is to treat others how you wish to be treated. Well maybe they like to be yelled at and talked down to. Hmm...
    I decided to take the sorceror up on his offer and join his fellow adventurers because it would allow me a better chance to get to the bottom of this "lost mines" mystery and gain some allies along the way. Unfortunately for the lively group, my appearance brought along with it, trouble with the Redbrands. They didn't seem to mind, however because they were more than ready for a fight. It seems we were all annoyed with the behavior of those Redcoats as I like to refer to them as. The Redbrands tried to start trouble with us at the mayor's place. The fight was seemingly effortless, well at least on our part. Needless to say we were victorious! How ironic.. We even divided the spoils of the victory amongst ourselves. Well I mean that crafty, halfling rogue decided to split his loot with myself and a couple others. Guess who has a new red coat. That's right! It's me. Victorious, daughter of the Great I Am! I know I shouldn't be celebrating the misfortune of others, but those guys had it coming! Unfortunately, the chivalrous tiefling decided to venture out on his own in an attempt to infiltrate the Redbrands. I wish him luck although, I don't see any good coming from this. Well my new found allies and I have already had quite the adventures and are now on our way, along with the map maker, to find the "lost mines." I can't wait to see where this new adventure leads.

  • PS. we left the cart by the mines entrance, we will need it on the way back to town with all the materials from this mine

  • Dungeon Master Adventurer

    @goesif sounds good. Yeah the only way to take the cart in the mine would be to spend time widening the hole. Why do i have a feeling you are just going to try to fill it up with bodies though? Lol

  • Adventurer

    @reuben no need that's what the bag is for

  • Judge

    Seeker’s Journal
    The Caves

    After a night camping before the cave entrances, we have finally entered them. The lost mines supposedly stand before us. Whether they live up to the mythos is to be seen. It didn’t start off great. Our Halfling wondered off and, literally, walking into a gelatinous cube. Of which there turned out to be two. We downed them easily and rested in the next room. The room turned out to be interested because we found a magic wand, that will be useful. Before resting for the night, we had to obliterate some bug bears… They were surprisingly beneath us. But they had used bodies to barricade the doors. Something isn’t right. I took the opportunity to barricade the doors with the bug bear bodies and our Warlock set up his zombies as sentries. Hopefully whatever the bugbear’s fear does not find us.

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