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    @goesif I do have Tenser's Floating Disk spell. So we can carry quite a bit with it to the carts.

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    Seeker's Journal

    After resting, we journeyed deeper into the cavern and came upon a myriad of undead. Thankfully our holy man of Apollo was able to nuke most of the room and the rest of it was mop up. It seems the arcane is not being helpful to me, my abilities were stunted and I was barely useful. After that I had my familiar scout ahead, but the dumb bird somehow missed the BEHOLDER that was in the dead center, of what seemed to be a magical forge. After killing the beholder we had a fight over the tools in the forge. The dirty puppet of a rogue kept some tools, and the dwarves agreed to leave the rest of the tools there while we traveled, as I don't blindly trust Gundrin like Fargrim does. Where this group ends up.... We shall see.

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    Seeker's Journal
    The Caves

    The plot thickens. There is much to explore, but even more danger. I'm worried we may not make it out of this cave alive. There is something down here, something sentient.. a settlement deep below. It seems based around a massive brain in a central cavern, my mind is reeling. Something is not right here. I must get everyone out. Some of the party are set on helping Gundrin find his brother, at this point... He's dead. I get it. I do. He wants to bury him, but what if it costs me my life? And the groups life? I'll do everything not to go deeper. We can look around and keep going. But trouble is not that far away.

    We found a boat as well, less issues here. It seems our brief meeting with that Warlock so many days ago was so close to his first clue. We tried to get the ship going, but to avail. It must be missing something, we wasted hours there. We need to pick up the pace and satisfy Gundrin and get out of this cave. If we want to go deeper I feel we will need more reinforcements. Hmmm, troubling indeed. Though the inhabitants down below to make me curious, but they are obviously dangerous.

    P.S I want that damn ship.

  • Fargrim Journal 5

    The Legendary Mine

    We have found it. Or so we've been told. I stand before the cave entrance and wonder to myself how I hadnt found this place before now. In my wandering I have seen much. The rock had been carved into long ago and with it evidence of its dwarven origins. Just inside we found one of Durigar's brothers. Dead from stab wounds for weeks. There was no evidence of the whereabouts of the other. With that I became a wolf and followed my nose. It was quite reliable for sniffing out danger, including the Gelatinous cube that Milo walked into after he wandered off on his own. He was quickly rescued and the multitude of creatures dispatched. We eventually made it to what looked to be a resting room filled with bugbears, which we killed and reveled a bit in the bloodshed. They didn't stand a chance. But we did notice something concerning. They had been barricading the doors. So we did the same and made preparations for a possible attack. Once ready, we slept.

  • Fargrim Journal 6

    The Forge and the Ship

    The battle did come. From under the doors and through them the creatures came and we defeated them easily. And once we were rested, we continued our search of the cavern. Further in, we found a wondrous marvel. A Forge, built by both Dwarven and Elven hand. And guarded by a creature that was a danger to behold. A relative of the Beholder, we defeated it and I tore it to pieces. We collected its eyes as trophies. It was only later that we learned it was a guardian. I should not be so quick to jump to conclusions.

    We searched the Forge and found several magical items. I was able to obtain a new set of Dragonhide armor. An excellent choice that I gladly traded the magic pipe I found for. It will greatly protect me against many dangers. Milo requested taking some of the tools we found for a job he was hired to do. While curious and concerning, as we have no idea who would want items that can only be used where they are bound to, we have him a few less vital pieces. He does good work for a Sneakthief.

    With another rest to regain a bit of what we used, as well as to attune to some of our new gear. Further on we found a split in the path. One way lead deeper into the earth while the other gave the sound of water, as if from the ocean. We first explored deeper and fought zombies and ghosts. One specter got away. Hope that isn't a sign of the future. We went back to find the water and located a ship curious, we spent a while trying to get to the ship and exploring. It was relatively easy to get to the ship once I wild shaped myself into a Giant Octopus. The extra arms were handy. As is the reach. I pulled them all onto the ship and we cleared it.

    No one was aboard, which was unexpected. We believe it to be a Magical Flying ship and attempted to acquire it. But we're unable to at this time. So with that in mind, we rested onboard.

  • Fargrim Journal 7

    Discoveries and Spiders.

    Today was a great day for battle. After spending the night aboard the decrepit ship, we readied ourselves for the coming challenges. While standing watch, I heard voices and saw figures of an ethereal nature. While we were not noticed, I did not sleep easy knowing a possible attack might come soon.

    The attack came not long after by a pair of ghostly figures. We fought bravely and vanquished many undead, both enemy and ally, with no loss of life. A good start. One got away even with our best efforts to stop it. It was the same one that got away before. We still haven't been able to defeat him.

    After, an attempt to move the boat once more to no avail meant we had to move on. While exploring a new area, we met several humanoids, drow in appearance, who wished to offer us a job to explore. I didn't trust them, and my suspicions would soon be verified. A quick battle brought their end after negotiations broke down, though we had one ally caught in the crossfire. Milo, the Halfling Quickfoot was found among the destruction, but luckily, the human in our party is a Cleric and was able to revive him. I am glad of this as he has proven himself very capable in battle. I hope no Ill against him.

    We began to track the companions of those slain, one of which was found to be a Doppelgänger. We tracked them and were about to open a door to where their base of operations might have been when the Arcane spellcasters began blasting an ancient dwarven door off its hinges. This alerted those inside of our presence and a battle ensued. It was a glorious battle, worthy to be sung of in the halls of the Dwarven Lords for generations. With quickness of foot and thought, we were able to deal with the multitude of spider vermin located inside and their Drow lord who commanded them. He fought like a dishonorable dark elf, hiding behind spell and illusion in order to cause us problems but I was too quick. I tracked him down with my Wolf senses and cornered him. Before he could escape, we worked together to trap him inside the room with a clever combination of Spike Growth from myself and Plant Growth from the Warlock. This prevented him from moving and us, but we had strength in numbers. Before the end, several of us had fallen, or almost done so, and so located the second of Gundran's brothers.

    With him in hand, our next step is to return to the surface as soon as possible and prepare to clear the other dangers found here.

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    Seeker’s Journal

    The Caves – Post Ship

    We finally left the ship after spending to many hours there. We’ve forced that ghost to run several times now, we need to finish him off soon. I fear we may not make it out of here if we don’t. After leaving the ship, we ran into some of the other people that had been hired by Gundrin and his brothers. We were eventually pulled into battle, where Milo got shit-stomped by four of us. Thanks to the Isaac we were able to revive him and keep going. We tracked down the others of his group and killed them as well. We also found Gundrin’s brother… only to receive the worst possible news. They are involved, they know what is here. We need to go now. We need reinforcements. We need a plan.

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    Seeker's Journal
    The Good, the Bad, and The Ugly

    During a rest, Fargrim got poisoned badly. All we could do was take a longer rest for him to regain the ability to cure himself. Thankfully it worked and we moved out of the cave easily enough.

    After a trek, we made it back to town. Only to be greeted by redbrands and some Giants. This went south from there and a battle ensued. Multiple comrades going down, including 2 random people being incinerated by a fireball. The battle was chaos. But it ended all the same with them all dead. Me a possible were-rat, hopefully fixed by Isaac. The battle was won and now we had Pride to deal with. Whether or not he would listen about it being a mistake is another question.

  • (in still an odd mix of deepspeak sylvan and infernal)
    (buffet = dwarf druid) (appatizer = halfling rogue) (foodpollo = cleric) (blaster = wizard)
    After a mix of wandering and exploring around the mines we found the dwarfs brother who ended up helping with the ship we found. we ran into some drow as well, it was a hard fought battle and we took some wounds but came out alive (well most of us). on the way out we found another gelatinous cube, i put it to sleep, blaster froze it and appatizer smashed it. we made it back to town after buffet healed himself of some poison. we found some giants that stole my bag of meat holding from me so we killed them and a some were-mice, the redbrands have apparently perma-charmed the red tiefling into attacking us, im not sure how things will go with that, blaster got infected, i know lycanthropy has some downsides but im willing to risk it for the upsides, besides mice are so cute and way to small to even bother attempting to eat, i had some field mouse pets back in the woods they always helped clean up my garbage, HA rayel holmes dominar of mice. Well me and some others are heading to (?neverwinter?) sounds warm and sunny, hopefully when we return the brothers will have my rod of the pact keeper done.

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    @goesif yeah... Charms that's what happened let's go with that idea.

  • Fargrim Journal 8
    The return and Giants

    After getting everything settled with the Dwarf brothers, we got them ready for a long period of discovery and crafting in the forges of the mine. We were all promised magical items in return for rescuing them. With our promises made, we headed back out the mine and towards town once more. Once we got close, we noticed something strange. A pair of hill giants wearing red vests outside the town. We worried we would have to confront them, but nothing seemed to go wrong when the others called for the red teifling named Pride. Apparently he had been doing his job to infiltrate well. Possibly a little too well. Blue teifling started talking to the giants, though I didn't bother understanding their grunts and growns. They are dumb beasts worth less than the least worm. I was not surprised when they took the blue one's bag that he held his bodies and whatever he called "food." I couldn't stand the theift and so turned into a great elk in order to knock it from their grasp as I stared them in the eyes. It didn't quite work the way I wanted to, and so combat insued. I began fighting the giants singlehandedly, using my abilities to take them down. Unfortunately the battle became long worn and I ran out of my Druid transformations, so I tried spells. I was able to wear them most of the way down and even put one down before I was knocked unconscious. Unfortunately I don't remember most of the battle after that, but I was healed and we continued on after our victory. Unfortunately again, Blue teifling lost his bag of holding after Pride stole it. If it weren't for the fact that we needed to get out of town for a month, I would've tried to locate it.

  • Fargrim Journal 9
    The Battle of [insert town name], Part 1

    For the month of down time, I spent it in the mines with the other dwarfs. I worked hard protecting them from the dangers we had faced and others we hadn't. After that time, they weren't able to finish everything, but the party did think that now was a good time to confront the Redbrands. So we headed back to town and I started by casting locate object to find the bag of holding. No luck so far. Soon we began fighting. It was a glorious battle with my wildshape and concentration lasting the entirety of battle. Many tries to put me down, all fail. And the battle continues.

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    Braunum Journal 01
    Written in dwarvish script
    The Battle of Phandalin

    Journeying from my previous venture with a group of random fellows to cleanse a series of tombs under the watch of the Holy Order of Kelemvor with new coin in my purse and an eagerness to continue my travels I lucked out in hearing of minor sightings of undead in the Northern Sword Coast. Phandalin was to be my starting point in scouring this land for the rumored scourge, but my task was cut short. The town had been far too quiet, and upon entering one of the local taverns I found myself attacked.

    I'd weighed the options and with my strength and the fury of my fallen kin behind me I believe I could have left the tavern painted in the brigands blood. But I chose to bide my time as this all felt too off. Cutthroats do not suddenly take over towns without good reason after all!

    Being led deeper into town along with a pair of imprisoned ashen skinned elves, I knew with my bindings being mere rope that these red-cloaked thugs were truly fools! Hearing commotion farther off beyond the walls... and then a great fiery blast, I knew my chance had come.

    Once the group of brigands shrunk to a mere single guard, I ripped free of my bonds and called upon the might of my fallen kin. The two other captives slipped free as well and rapidly the town descended into absolute chaos. With the source of the original fighting closing in, we cut through any who got in our way and quickly linked up with the band assaulting the town.

    While their faces were unfamiliar, the aim of their fight was true and I do not take being slighted such as the red-cloaked bandits had done lightly. Among them was a bear most strange, whom I battled beside in several moments. It felt almost as if I were home again. The combined might of us all overwhelmed the untrained, undisciplined thugs and we cut a swath through them heading in the direction I was being led originally. Cleaving through a last red-cloaked mongrel at the rear of the group I watched briefly as the others continued to charge.

    This is not my battle, I can see that even through the haze of the lingering connection to my ancestors. But the whispers from my fallen kin are urging me onward, to Finish the Fight!

  • Adventurer

    The Journal of Maylagar Coerethas
    (Written in common)
    So today started out pretty normal, another adventure hopefully another book. It was also the first time I could talk my lover Hadar into an adventure. Sadly things only went south from there. When we arrived in Phandelver I began to ask questions about the local of the mines and the criminal headquarters, after all that is a problem I should solve. This drew the wrong kind of attention which led to the capture of Me, Hadar, and some dwarf in a bar. Not long after our capture did the guards leave us with only one watcher. Thankfully the bindings were poorly tied and me and Hadar slipped out of them silently. Meanwhile the dwarf threw subtlety to the wind which led to me cooking a man alive with a few good notes

    That's where we met up with some upstart adventures who seemed dead set on killing every last brigand. My current party happily joined theirs which led to us easily cutting a swath through the criminals. Sadly this is where I am now, finishing a fight I had no intention of starting. Well this is the only way to really get this done so I should stop writing now.

  • (in still an odd mix of deepspeak sylvan and infernal)
    (buffet = dwarf druid) (appatizer = halfling rogue) (foodpollo = cleric) (blaster = wizard) Me and blaster headed off for neverwinter to find some information about his family. Along the journey i noticed things started to smell differently and even taste differently than before, must be the new were-rat blood coursing through me. Ive never been in a city this large before but it was still smaller than the giants castle. While investigating we discovered me and blaster are actually related, apparently my sperm and egg donors share several genetic similarities to his family, he just said we were cousins related but not directly, im not sure how things get done "civilization" its all so unorganized and crowded the smells are extreme to say the least but i did make some micey friends, theyre all over the city thousands of them, yet humans still seem to breed faster somehow even with their odd customs for finding mates. I picked up a good bit of butter and garlic they seem to make everything taste better especially meat. when we met up with the others at the cave mine they decided to finish off the redbrands and clear them from the town. Pride is still being charmed or controlled into attacking us and growing the redbrands. the dwarves informed me it is an evil act to own another sentient creature, but as long as im not mean to them i cant see how its that evil, i dropped of some gold cirlces called coins off to them to help procure supplies to help them finish my item, they had never even heard of a rod of the pact keeper before but i know tatianas knights have better ones than what im asking for, maybe i should petition my patron to give me some blueprints for the dwarves to work with if they could even read them. the dwarves also informed us that the ship is missing and finally when i figured out how to get it moving again. So i started the attack on the town by blowing a large hole in the wall as to rush threw, it would of taken to long to chew through the stone but i would of, i was able to grab some meat shields from the fireball attack to help, the redbrands sent a lot of forces to stop us, foodpollo just walked by killing them almost instantly with some strange magic, appatizer ran ahead presumably killing along the way, i wonder whos going to rule this city after we clear it out, probably more dwarves meaty little people that probably go good with butter and garlic since the self marinate and all, we're almost to the headquarters cant wait to turn it to rubble

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    Seeker's Journal
    Time for some fun.

    After a months journey with Rayeal to Neverwinter, I've maybe found a lead to my family. Not a great lead mind you, I may need to go back. I need to make touch with the Beggar's Guild, see what information they have access too.

    But for now, my leads towards my family revolve around an unreliable old man about 2 weeks from here.

    But for now, It's time to let some steam off. I've got some time to burn off from stress and I need to sharpen my skills before I run into my family. Time to burn and kill our way through Phandalin, I'm looking forward to seeing Pride again.

  • Fargrim Journal 10
    The battle of [insert town name], Part 2.

    The battle continued with much the same intensity. With Milo running ahead, we are short our rogue, but I wasn’t worried. So far they hadn’t been able to take me down. That is until a thrown spear happened to catch me in a soft spot. But I barely felt it as I called for my Dwarf shield brother, whom I later found out is named Braunum. With that, I cast Call Lightning and became a bear once again to great effect. We moved twice as fast as we continued to tear through rank after rank of the Red Brand horde, for that is what they have become by now. We were finally able to make it inside the Mansion and were unable to locate Pride or the bag. It is quite annoying to not be able to hunt your quarry. But we battled through more and more opponents and eventually found their underground stronghold in the basement of the Mansion. I believe he may have escaped through one of the many passageways out of here. We located a cavern with several unknown creatures inside. We felt it safe enough to attempt to get a night’s rest, but it was unsuccessful. It was a long and drawn out battle, facing opponents as strong, if not stronger than us. Worthy of our growing legends. We brought them down low and finished our battle. Unfortunately it appears we haven’t won the war. There could be many more, and Pride.

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    Braunum Journal 02
    Written in dwarvish script
    The Battle of Phandalin, Continued

    Despite this not being my personal fight, these red-cloaked thugs had wronged me and it was clear their intentions were foul. The battle outside was like a blur as we cut through the seemingly endless force these bandits could muster. I have been traveling the wilds for a long time, and never have I seen criminals in such force. They are akin more to a barbarian horde.

    While we had pushed through and into the large manse sitting at the highest point of this town, our reserves were running low. What I had assumed to be a strange bear turned out to be one of my own people, though I doubt we are kin, it was invigorating to fight at another dwarf's side again. Through running into lone thugs we easily slew, a small group that put up a better fight and freeing prisoners the red-cloaked bandits had been keeping we traversed deep into the halls beneath the mansion. It was when we encountered an odd creature which spoke into our minds that it became clear this was no normal mansion.

    Our chance at rest was short, but it gave me the opportunity to prepare my new armaments. The dwarven artefact proved itself as effective as I anticipated, though I am still growing accustomed to not throwing myself into battle with my axe and so I endured grave wounds in the last battle. I do not know the man whom we did battle with, but he was the first of many who will feel the might of this ancient dwarf artefact. I will recover, as I always have, and my fight will continue.

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    Taeron's log entry 1
    Today was just was just one of those days. After being ambushed and captured in an inn by a local gang just after completing an escort mission for a local business. I found I was to be taken to bey sold off somewhere. As I was being led around my captors and I came across a group fighting off there comrades. One of my captors said he would hold off the attackers while I was to taken to a cell.As I look down the field I see group of the undead lumbering midway down, a bear sparking with lightning and a cleric with what looked like spectral glow dropping everyone that he passed coming my way.
    When the cleric gets near all my guards the drop and I free myself and ignore all my common sense joined the fray and laid out any red cloaks in my path and join the group of fighter.strikethrough text

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    Seeker's Journal
    A deadly battle

    We fought our way into the castle, killing as we went. I can't describe the inner glee I felt. I could Oberon guiding me, blessing me. We worked our way into the basement dungeon. There the guard was getting stronger, we worked our way through the room past a trap and Rayeal helped let some prisoners free. We moved into another room, some entity entered our minds and asked us for foods. I must admit to worrying about the new Drow that follows us, they beings seem to have gotten into his head and stayed there. He seemed focused entirely on them. I must watch him for the good of the party.

    We decided to camp in the cavern, against my ardent warnings not to. We were caught with our pants down, metaphorically. A wizard we had heard referred to a Glass Staff. He dispelled our magical camp and battle commenced. It was a long and arduous battle, with many close calls. I worry that I am too open to mental attack. I almost kill Rayel. Now we camp and rest, and maybe make a push back into the basement to plunder and loot.

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