Anyone interested in a PbP game?

  • Judge

    I'm itching for a PbP game. The game I'm leaning toward right now that I think would be good via forum is Houses of the Blooded or an AW-derived game, but open to other game suggestions.

    Any interest? I'd be happy to play or GM.

  • I'm down!

  • Judge

    @Josh-Grimaud said in Anyone interested in a PbP game?:

    I'm down!


    I'm thinking our goal would be at least one post a day per person in the group. That do-able for you? Obviously, some days might be more and might have to be missed, and maybe weekends are a little slower, but the goal being to have a consistent posting trend for each player.

  • Judge

    Here's the Houses PDF.

  • Ven

    I'd be up for this. Either game would work for me. I thought our old AW PbP was a blast.

  • Judge

    @JohnY said in Anyone interested in a PbP game?:

    I'd be up for this. Either game would work for me. I thought our old AW PbP was a blast.

    Yeah, and I think AW is a great game for PbP.

    I'm also down for either.

    If we can get 4 players, we'll kick it off.

  • Judge

    If we go with AW, I'm thinking we should return to Fallen Empires (PDF here).

    We set it in a medieval age, but it's not the medieval past. It's the medieval future. Here's the setting in a single image:


    Imagine a future Earth, where the grid has been annihilated, technology has been all but abandoned, and life has returned to a Dark Age of feudal warlords competing for resources. Towers are former silos and rockets, strongholds are raised from cinderblocks, and the occasional stretch of asphalt still hasn't been entirely consumed by the earth below -- though the people of this future Earth have no idea what any of this stuff is. While the shells of cars and the remnants of ancient technology still exist, they are merely detritus of a former civilization lost to time and the apocalypse.

    Imagine Apocalypse World +500 years instead of +50.

  • Judge

    Though, if y'all wanna do modern post-apocalyptica default AW, we can do that too.

  • Adventurer

    I'd like to try this out. Don't currently have time for a regular game, so this would work well.

  • Judge

    Sweet. We've got 3 players. We can get started with that.

    Choose which one you are most interested in playing:

    • Houses of the Blooded
    • Apocalypse World (Default)
    • Apocalypse World (Fallen Empires)
    • Some other game?

  • Judge

    Here's a brief synopsis for Houses. You play Ven, a pre-Atlantean race of lords / nobles who rule over provinces. Each Ven is part of a House, represented by animalistic sigils. It's sort of Game-of-Throney.

    The mechanics of the game allow the players to insert "facts" into the story that can make twists and turns. Essentially, a good roll means you become a mini-GM of sorts. A good player gets "style" when they make the story more interesting with their facts, that in turn generates more ability to score high rolls.

    This is why it'd be a good PbP game: at the table, sometimes coming up with cool facts on the spot is hard but PbP means you can put a little thought into it before you post.

    Here's an example of a "Risk" from the book:

    When you make a Cunning or Wisdom risk, exactly how much can you say about a scene? Success allows you to say how your risk turns out: success or failure. Wagers allow you to say additional facts about the outcome. By making a Cunning risk, you can answer “yes” or “no.” Wagers allow you to give additional facts. For example, a player of mine entered a dark room. He asked, “Is there anyone else in here with me?” I answered, “I don’t know. Make a Cunning risk.”

    The player does and gains Privilege. So, I ask the question back to him. “Is there someone in the room with you?” He answers… (risk) Yes, I see a hidden assassin, (wager) and it is a woman, (wager) and I recognize her from the party, (wager) and she is Blooded of the Bear. Again, if you succeed a risk with three wagers, that allows you to say four things. One for your success and one for each wager.

    Below is a sample character sheet. As you can see, you also have regions, vassals, etc. There's a rulership element to it, including a mini-game to cultivate your province.


  • Ven

    My vote would be to play either Houses of the Blooded or AW (Fallen Empires).

  • I'm down!

  • HotB sounds curious.

  • Judge

    @Wberry said in Anyone interested in a PbP game?:

    I'm down!

    Sweeet. That puts us at 4. I'm happy to take 1-2 more.


    Let me know which game you're interested in. I'll break ties.

    Houses of the Blooded could be good just because it's different.

  • Mark it HotB for me.

  • Judge

    @Josh-Grimaud said in Anyone interested in a PbP game?:

    Mark it HotB for me.

    Let's do HotB unless any are opposed?

  • Knight

    I'll make 5, I love PbP games because I'm terrible at "on the spot" improv. I'm fine w/ whatever, but my vote would be for any AW first.

  • Ven

    Thanks for the ping, Mike. I'd be up for this. I'm a little more familiar with AW, so that would be my vote, but HotB looks interesting.

  • Judge

    Awwwwwww shit. We have a runoff.





    Which means @Praetorius @JohnY and @Wberry need to vote!

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