Thiefy Items Found Last Session!

  • The Black Cord of Zwindell

    This black, corded garrote +1 is known for its potency throughout the guilds of thieves for its usefulness in assassination. When used to strangle someone, if the victim fails to make their saving throw versus paralysis and is stunned, they also are energy drained for 1 level/HD.

    Tools of the Grey Burglar

    This set of thieves tools are carved from Kythirean ebony and include the following: skeleton keys, universal lockpicks, prybar, waxed cord with two hooks, six thin steel spikes, whipsaw, cutters, two small black velvet bags, black leather gloves and mask, and an iron grapnel with 2-foot shank and end-ring. The set of tools has several magical properties, but do not radiate magic. First, they grant any thief a +10% bonus to open locks and remove traps. Secondly, when the tools of the thief are placed in the case and touched to a thief’s skin, the tools will meld with the thief’s body. The thief must concentrate to withdraw the tools. If the thief dies, the tools reemerge beside the corpse.

  • Dungeon Master

    Them's pretty thiefy!

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