July 30 game thread

  • @jamie ok you are taking the bolt action I already had accounted for the .32 since there were four of them.

  • @justin keep the key card could be useful and take a photo of the cabin with my phone see if it pops up in a later adventure.

  • @felicia

    Perfect! If there's anything you'd like to explore as a Downtime Activity -- anything that Emily may do in her spare time following the adventure -- let me know! Her scrubbing the Serial Numbers would be one such activity, but you could take on another because I don't see that taking an extraordinary amount of time.

  • @goesif

    Just bumping this to see if you'd still like to do these tests.

  • @nerdbot roll 1d100
    Dr alan Schimer is trying to identify blood type, species type, and the chemical compsition of the substance in question, as well as try to replicate it to do more experiments, and he goes to buy a dozen mice for subjects

  • You rolled 1d100: 73

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 73 = 73
    Total: 73

  • @goesif 73 barely a straight success

  • @goesif

    Working at Pinebox General Hospital, you're able to find some unused lab equipment to conduct these tests. As you search for the Blood Type and Chemical Composition, you find that it doesn't fit into anything that would be considered "normal or human". There are human "elements" to it, but there are also things that completely defy your medical training. You expand your testing and also find that aspects of the composition also resembles that of a snake. The combination of human and snake elements accounts for most of the composition, and the parts that don't seem all together alien.

    Given the strange aspects of the blood and the lack of cutting-edge medical equipment, there's no way for you to "replicate" the blood.

    You can buy the mice. What would you like to do with them? Also recognize that the equipment you are using right now is in a Hospital Lab.

    Lastly, Emily tagged you as a possible recipient for certain items found in the warehouse -- namely, a series of vials and a notebook found in the lab.

    Lab: In this lab, you see cages with various animals in them: rats, frogs and bats mostly and almost all are dead. The manner of death in each cage varies, but it looks violent in almost all cases. In certain cages, you see that the animals have been placed together and it seems as though they killed each other. You also see various beakers and vials. In particular, you find sets of vials: 2 containing a grey-green liquid, 2 with red liquid, and two with a clear liquid that has strands of silver that seem to appear and disappear at random. You also find a notebook nearby.

    Let me know if there's anything you'd like to do with them. These tasks will all fall under "Downtime Activities" and depending on what you want to do, you might have to prioritize some actions, but we'll cross that bridge if we cross it.

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