The Crew So Far.

  • Judge

    Zeeko (Wes)- Expert, Navigator/Pilot prodigy, who grew up in the Academy with really no outside knowledge of the world, but believes in the preservation of culture.

    M. Harrison Suin, AKA John Peake, AKA Jung-min Kim, AKA Randolf Carter, AKA Alegeron Lee, AKA Jae-ho Smith (Mike)- Warrior, Con Artist, somewhat smooth talker rogue type, think Bernie Madoff gets sent to the military.

    Geryon Al-Hamady (Salyer) - Psychic (Telepathy/Teleportation) well rounded native from the academy.

    Name Unkown (Justin)- Expert- Total Average guy, with slightly above average talking ability due to his connections with a bunch of rich people, trust-fund baby with an inferiority complex. Can do a little bit of everything.

    Gaius Esperia (William)- Psychic (Precog/Biopsionics) High Functioning drug addict (loose term), quiet smart and wise, former smuggler deeply routed in the drug market, skilled in the understanding of various cultures through the cosmos.

    Any distinct needs in skills we do not yet have?

  • Dungeon Master

    Nothing really glaring.