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    The northernmost district of Moonthrone, and the primary entrance point for most who enter the city by land (especially since the other main city gate to the east was sealed off with the rest of the Wyrd District). One of the more populous districts, likely due to the Main Drag, the last bit of a major trade route stretching from the northern entrance at Fort Rustgate to the Heartspire Market district.
    Notable Inns—The Amber Balls (a shithole)

    Moth District
    The district between Rustgate and the walled off Wyrd District to the east.
    Notable neighborhoods

    • The Stormstreet Incursion--an area of about 6 city blocks that has been walled off and quarantined due to otherworldly corruption.

    Notable Inns

    • The Iron Swine (a dive, but not too rough, since city guards, primarily Captain Griggs, are known to frequent the place).
    • The Stiff Finger (a tiny 3 table, five foot long bar affair, mostly supported as a hangout/drop spot for a struggling small time gang called the Barrel Peggers).

    Heartspire District
    The central district of Moonthrone, surrounding the city's largest mooncoral spire, the Heartspire. It is also the primary market district of the city, and further divided into four quarters:

    • The Shield Quarter - the northwest quarter of Heartspire, the Shield Quarter's markets primarily deal in weapons and armor. While the City Watch has its own blacksmiths to supply most of their needs, the craftsmen of the Shield Quarter also do fair trade with the fortress-like dogman garrison situated on the border between the quarter, Rustgate to the north, and the Gutters to the west.

    • The Swine Quarter - the northeast quarter of Heartspire houses the majority of Moonthrone's livestock trade, and gets its name from the large traffic in pigs that serve as the primary food source that feeds the city's dogmen and their giant lizard mounts.

    • The Bazaar - the southwest quarter of Heartspire. If there is some good you want to buy, but have no idea where to look, the Bazaar is your best bet to start.

    • The Hospitality Quarter - the southeast quarter of the Heartspire area. Looking for a good time, but find Southspire too trendy and pretentious? Or maybe you're looking for something more...decadent, and don't have the pedigree to make it to the City Above?

    Devil Town (officially the Ivy District, but no one really calls it that)
    Home to the Hellish Embassy, the Hellish Archive, and the Temple of Asmodeus, as well as the city's largest tiefling population.

    Wyrd District
    The largest area of otherworldly corruption in Moonthrone, the eastern Wyrd District has been walled off from the rest of the city, with trespassing punishable by quick death in the interest of keeping the Incursion from spreading.

    Fur Grounds (Pelt District)
    Named for the trade in furs from hunters and swampfolk who live on the other side of the city walls bordering the eastern edge of this district, the Pelt District is half-jokingly referred to as the 'Fur Grounds' by most, due to the high level of lycanthrope activity in the area. Also home to the only other operating city gate than Rustgate to the north, ever since the Wyrd District was quarantined.
    Notable neighborhoods:
    Hemlock Downs--working class neighborhood populated primarily from transplant descendants of swamp folk native to the bogs east of Moonthrone. Home of one of the districts largest taverns, The Quartered Witch, secretly a base of operations by The Folk.

    The Gutters (Northgutter, Midgutter, and Southgutter)
    The three westernmost districts of Moonthrone, which border the River Finch; the districts get their names from their propensity to flood each time the river rises after a good rain.

    Off the banks of Northgutter, the Riverspire stretches down from the City Above directly into the River Finch. Docks built into the Riverspire, Moonthrone's second largest mooncoral tower after the Heartspire at the center of the city, serve as the hub of river trade from the north.

    Unfortunately for most of the citizens of the North and Mid Gutters, the Spire Lords keep the most profitable river trade confined to the Riverspire, with the docks of Northgutter getting the majority of runoff dregs and lower quality goods that aren't up to the Spire Lords' standards. As a result, enterprising merchants and dock owners make up the difference by focusing on trade in black market goods.

    Southgutter also borders the sea at the mouth of the River Finch, with the Noblesse Docks there serving as the center of seafaring trade. Luckily for those in Southgutter, there are no hubs like the Riverspire for the the Spire Lords to isolate the most profitable sea trade directly, creating more interactions between the Spire Lords and the merchant class, and making Southgutter one of Moonthrone's wealthier districts.

    Just south of Heartspire, Southspire is the center of the arts in Moonthrone. Artists ranging from classical to avant garde are known to frequent the many street cafes, discussing new artistic styles and movements and sipping coffee and tea. The district is also home to the largest Midspire developments, though there is some debate as to whether artists took over the neighborhood for better access to rich merchant patronage, or if the Merchant Houses developed the area to take advantage of the prestige of sponsoring the newest stars of the up-and-coming art scene.

    • Malaccus Hill - The most prestigious center of the art-world of Moonthrone is the Malaccus Hill neighborhood in Southspire.
      • Mochal's Ridge--
        • Atop the hill from which the Malacucus Hill neighborhood gets its name, the restaurant, Mochal’s Ridge, overlooks Southspire. Its chefs are renowned for new culinary creations that have even impressed the Houses above, even with many of them being half-orcs (followers of Garukg, orc god of cooking have a bit of an edge when it comes to preparing gnome). 3 separate chef’s—the eponymous Mochal, Ashurz the First, and his protégé Ashurz the Second—have all been “taken up” by one of the families to be their personal house chef, despite the fact that both Ashurz’s were half-orcs. Entry to Mochal’s Ridge is reserved for the most prestigious and well off. The entrance is guarded by imposing half-orc bouncers.

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    Updated Gutters Districts and neighborhoods in Pelt District

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