What Nooni remembers...

  • Williams Friday Night RPG 8-5-17

    Nick - Arok
    Ron – Toshiba
    Lindsay – Xena
    Seth – Moeshae
    Jason – Dra’uul
    Flea - Nooni

    So again I awake in a dungeon cell surrounded by an assortment of companions. Some of whom are known to me some not. Stripped of our gear and weapons with no idea how I at least have come to be here.
    We search the room for ways out. Toshiba finds a crack in the wall and blows it out. We exit the room our choices are right or left. We hear guards to our left and head towards them with the idea that they will be near our gear. They tell us to return to our cell, so we kill one, Moeshae gets a dagger, do not return to our cell, and proceed to chase the other one down the corridor. We find ourselves in a room which we search. I and Dra’uul find some nifty silk robes and dress ourselves appropriately, I also find a dagger. Arok finds some wine and happily downs it. We proceed forward and find the next room has 4 doorways. One leading down, one leading up, one to our right and a second to our right. We take the second right it leads us down a twisty Willy Wonkaesk hallway. Some of the others want to go back but continue to follow. We come to a large awesome looking hallway. Torches light as we walk deeper into the room each set a different color of the rainbow. There are pillars with nooks in them. I reach into one that I seem drawn towards, it contains amber marbles with different things trapped in the marbles (insects, plants, etc.). Toshiba gets a flash of memory, Pearl sending us to the obsidian dungeon to find the prismatic orb. Others also look in different niches. Arok finds blue dust, after reaching in very carefully he pulls out some lazuli. Toshiba gets a seal over his right hand, think makers mark, but impenetrable over your hand and about half your forearm. People start grabbing torches Dra’uul and Moeshae each get a black torch. Arok grabbed a regular torch earlier. Xena grabs a green torch. Toshiba grabs two blue torches and Nooni grabs one each of the remaining colours (red, yellow, purple) because you never know. We continue forward finding a smaller room with bloodied alters and a black ichor filled basin. Dra’uul ends up covered in living ichor that Rorschach’s around on him. In the basin is a bright silver amulet. Which for some reason, we decide to put on him. The black ichor has been slowly eating him alive, what fun, and flows over his body and into the amulet. Toshiba experiments with the basin and blood for a bit before we continue forward into the next room, we find a library which some of us happily peruse. Moeshae finds a couple of magical scrolls that need a little work to make them useable. The others head back a room and go through the other doorway, after a slightly twisty hallway they find more cells. Two empty, one with a gnome, one with two humans, and one with an orc. Eventually the rest of us wander over to the rest of our compatriots, however Toshiba holds back long enough to take table legs for clubs, which he then gives to the rest of us, and torch the library.
    After talking to the prisoners a bit we determine that they too have been sent here by Pearl. I free them figuring that they will make good meat shields and possibly know the way out as well as where our gear may be. On the way we find out that there was a half elf with them that was taken down below. The Orc believes we will find our gear if we head up. So we follow and we find a room full of those nifty robes I found earlier and everyone else puts one on as well as the nifty little dagger that went with them. Arok finds more wine which he even more happily drinks. Further on is the way out with a doorway to our left (a dead guy, a note from the orc, and our gear) we find a few other goodies in there as well (Leather Vest Fire Resistance - Xena, Slippers of Spider Climb - Moeshae, Bracers of Protection - Arok), and to our right a chapel where there is a minor scuffle resulting in 3 more dead “guards”. Xena and I loot the dead getting a couple of rapiers, daggers, 15gp (red gold) (Xena), and an eyeball sized white pearl (Nooni). We head back down to “find the half-elf” kill some more guards and find an even cooler room full of undead guards, a necromancer, a half elf and a wicked prismatic maelstrom.
    We attack the necromancer, the undead become interested in us and he chucks the half elf into the maelstrom. Everything goes black. The black torches counteract that. Moeshae and I focus on killing the necromancer while the others whittle down the rest of the undead. Toshiba flings the amulet from the ichor basin at the necromancer. He seems to really appreciate that. Eventually the half elf climbs out of the maelstrom and leaves we flung a few of the dead into the maelstrom, we killed the necromancer and relieved him of his goods (Arok – Wand of Fear, Nooni – 50gp red gold). When he fell a black orb rolled from his corpse and almost fell into the maelstrom but was saved at the last moment by Moeshae. Who then proceeded to talk to a dragon god unbeknownst to us, although he does now have a mark on the palm of his hand. We then tromped back to Pearl whom we bad mouthed on the way. She seemed surprisingly pleased and relieved to see us we gave her the black orb; she healed us up and gave us 500gp each.

  • Geeze @Felicia, I think you might have an eidetic memory. Dra'uul shot one of the halfling scientists in the leg with an eldrich blast for not responding. There were also letters referencing Pearl in the library that sounded awfully incriminating to Moshae, who will be spending the next 7 downtime days trying to decipher those rotten scrolls and getting her name legally changed to "Moshai" for the sake of pronunciation.

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