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    Here you can post what you would like to do for down days. Do small deeds around town to gain reputation. Start a guild. Steal. Study the next threat. Restore the city etc. Post here on down down days related to the game and here is where I will respond.

  • The only occurrence that Fargrim would want to happen inbetween the battle and the journey home is the encounter with the Owlbear. He would first go to the door and cast speak with animals, and attempt to build a line of communication with the beast. If it should speak back, he would attempt to reason with it in simple terms, such as food, shelter, freedom, and try to convince it to either work with him or that it should leave without incident if set free. If it agrees, he opens the door and sets it free to either join his side or for it to run into the woods and not return. Fargrim would also attempt to stop anyone who tries to interrupt these proceedings as any interference might cause a fight to break out. If a fight does occur, he will turn into a giant spider and web and bite the beast to death.

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    @xynomorphdhg you spend half the day trying to warm up the owlbear and letting her know that you are not a threat. After some time and making sure your companions do not interfere you realease the owlbear that was stuck in one of the rooms in Crawmaw Castle. As she runs off she turns back to you and nods in recognition before heading out to the woods. The rest of the day you spend looking around the keep to see if there are any other hidden rooms that were not explored and found nothing. It does look like a decent keep but looks like it needs quite a bit repare to be liveable again

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    During the downtime, Seeker would like to travel to Neverwinter, currently traveling with Rayel and maybe Isaac. While in Neverwinter, he will be searching for Arcane stores to acquire information and items. During his travel time he'd also like to make potions. (TBD when I have all the info)

    The items he wants to price check, and try to obtain depending on price, are as follows:

    Bag of holding
    Pearl of Power
    Weapon of Warning
    Ring of Mindshielding

    Spell scrolls:
    Detect Magic
    Dispel Magic

    Latest movements of his family
    Leads or rumors on the Robes of the Archmagi
    Leads or rumors on the Staff of the Magi
    Information on the location of a Ring of Spell Storing
    Information about the cost of acquiring Cragmaw Castle

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    It takes you 4 days travel for Seeker and Rayel to travel to Neverwinter. After arrival the both of you travel up and down the streets in search of any arcane stores you may find. After 5 days of searching your hopes of finding arcane item seemed hopeless as most store clerks shake their head when you ask if they know who has in stock any bag of holdings, pearl of power and ring of mind shielding and laugh at you when you ask for information on the staff of the magi and robes of the Archmagi as they are only stories told to kids. Items of legends that surely does not exist. On the 5th day where you decide to call the magic search off you run across one old man with a old wooden cart. He tells you he knows of a person that would be able to get a bag of holding and a ring of mind shielding however you will have to give him a down payment of 10,000 gold for each item and come back in 45 days with the 5000 more gold for each object and you can complete the trade (10,000 pg down and wait 45 days to pay the other 5,000 gp for each item)

    You travel to the town hall to see if there is a current price for Cragmaw Castle and they tell you that the price for that abandoned keep is only 10,000 gp and that includes 5 acres that surrounds it. (1 down day)

    Seeker and Rayel spends 5 days trying to find any information he can about his family, the Nyemudup family, or any rumors of the Progenitors. Neither one has been able to find any information on the Nyemudup family which makes sense since his family does operate in secret in the shadows. Using aliases that change every year or so. As Rayel asks around like you ask him to he does hear of a weird wizard that lives two weeks ride from here in a cottage in the middle of nowhere that knows of crazy creatures in far off realms that might know where to look for or might know where a Progenitor might be. As Rayel comes back to tell you, you notice a few individuals in the shadows looking at you, then disappearing into the ally.

    Daily cost:
    Poor - 2 sp
    Modest - 1 gp
    Comfortable - 2 gp
    Wealthy - 4 gp
    Aristocratic - 10 gp min

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    During the downtime, after Isaac lost his connection with Apollo in the cave, would like to try to find a new deity, he left Apollo because he try to re connect and fail, unable to help his ally's and knowing there greater danger in the area he try to find a new deity, with him having visons of ravens, after a few days of having dreams raven queen trying to connect with the raven queen. Willing to follower the raven queen as a grave cleric in order to help Isaac and his ally.

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    Ok so let me make sure i understand right. Apollo turns his back on tye party since they were murdering innocents. So Isaac denounces Apollo and seaks out any deity that would give him power. He has a dream of a raven so he starts worshipping the Raven Queen right?

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    That right.

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    So after Seeker gets done messing around in Unity City, he's going to PlaneShift out and then back and try to make his way to Gundrin. Once he reaches the brothers, he'll inform them that he has a large supply of materials to sell them, and that what supplies he has will make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Seeker would like to negotiate a price to sell them the rights to scavenge the purple worm. He would like 10,000gp for the right to scavenge it and a vial of it's venom, and any gems still resided in it's stomach. He will offer them rights to use all the teeth and the carapace armor, and any other items they find other than what Seeker intends to get for his trouble.

    (since it's online, i'm assuming there will be negotiations and such. Not sure how to do those.)

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    This post is deleted!

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    @seeker it only takes you one down day to reach the Rockseeker brothers. Once you explain to him what you have available to him and your price you hear a hearty laugh from the Dwarf. "My dear lad. Dont you understand just a few months ago we were prospectors spending our last coppers on supplies? We dont have that kind of money. How about this. Your group takes us in and provides security while we harvest any valuable items. We can provide you between 500-1000 gp each or between a +1 to a +2 armor or weapon depending on how decayed and damaged the worm is currently. We would love to get our hands on that thing and start making you guys something awesome for your help!"

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