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    Here you can post what you would like to do for down days. Do small deeds around town to gain reputation. Start a guild. Steal. Study the next threat. Restore the city etc. Post here on down down days related to the game and here is where I will respond.

  • The only occurrence that Fargrim would want to happen inbetween the battle and the journey home is the encounter with the Owlbear. He would first go to the door and cast speak with animals, and attempt to build a line of communication with the beast. If it should speak back, he would attempt to reason with it in simple terms, such as food, shelter, freedom, and try to convince it to either work with him or that it should leave without incident if set free. If it agrees, he opens the door and sets it free to either join his side or for it to run into the woods and not return. Fargrim would also attempt to stop anyone who tries to interrupt these proceedings as any interference might cause a fight to break out. If a fight does occur, he will turn into a giant spider and web and bite the beast to death.

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    @xynomorphdhg you spend half the day trying to warm up the owlbear and letting her know that you are not a threat. After some time and making sure your companions do not interfere you realease the owlbear that was stuck in one of the rooms in Crawmaw Castle. As she runs off she turns back to you and nods in recognition before heading out to the woods. The rest of the day you spend looking around the keep to see if there are any other hidden rooms that were not explored and found nothing. It does look like a decent keep but looks like it needs quite a bit repare to be liveable again

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