Pearl's Research

  • I must inform you of some of the discovers I've made during my time here on the Gem Isles....

    First You Should know that these Isles use to be populated. Long ago tribes of villagers occupied the many islands here, except when they were here the Isles would be considered "normal". Normal meaning your typical Island climate and vegetation, I only put the work in quotations due to the fact that the villagers worships a ancient Black Dragon. It is currently unknown to me what the name of the Dragon was or how long it has been here, but I do know that it was immensely powerful; far more powerful than what a "normal" dragon should be. Normal meaning a massive flying lizard that breaths some sort of element and hordes gold. However this Dragon could raise the dead, and while it was on the Gem Isles, provided immortality to the worshiping villagers.

    Now comes the bit that becomes mysterious, we know that the villagers occupied the Islands surrounding a larger and volcanic Island. This main island was the home of the Dragon, as well as the Dragons elite worshipers. It is unknown in what way these worshipers were considered special, but somehow the Dragon gathered a number villagers from the surrounding tribes. These "Elite" Worshipers had a name that is currently unknown to us, however we know that they built a temple on the Main Island and lived there.
    This temple was used as a way to offer sacrifices to the Dragon and provide a level of communication between the Dragon and its worshipers. As is custom in most religious societies, there were ranks withing the elite with the highest level being the called the "Chromatic Septum". This Septum wielded a sort of staff, gifted by the Dragon, that was able to call the Dragon and able to utilize many of the gifts that the Dragon provided.

    Somewhere along the way, the Dragon died, and when he did the Main Island exploded. The force and magic of the explosion somehow caused the effects we see on the island. All the villagers died during the explosion, and are typically found still in the village that they occupied. As far as the Elites on the Main Island, they too perished but weird part is we don't know where the staff is.

    That is why I have been sending in teams of adventures and researches to attempt to recover the staff. This Staff I believe is the key to understanding the powers of the Dragon, and more importantly potentially still has power that can raise the dead and call upon the Dragon.

    So tell me.....

    What did you find?

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