August 13 Game Thread

  • @Mike, @Jonathan-Meadows, @Kyle, @Amanda, @prozack

    Feel free to post anything related to this session here. I'll be posting a brief write up (unless someone else is inspired to it) today or tomorrow as well.

  • Players:
    @Jonathan-Meadows as Albert Bishop
    Kali as Dr. Lisa Sands
    @Mike as Bob Barret
    @prozack as Dr Johnathan Price
    @Kyle as Bushrod Johnson
    @Amanda as Lucretia Mott

    Keeper: @Justin

    It is a beautiful Sunday morning in Pinebox, NM and a group of people get together at Dr. Lisa Sands' home for some mimosa's and light conversation. Suddenly, a radio broadcast goes out saying that a sandstorm is fast approaching Pinebox and that it is the recommendation of the Weather Service and the Pinebox Police Department that all citizens stay indoors.

    A few members of the party, looking out and listening to the storm, hear a disturbance next door. When they go to check it out, they see a group of 5 hooded figures trying to abduct a couple. Two of the kidnappers tell the other three to block their escape as they grab the male in the couple. Bob recognizes that one of the five is an old co-worker, Joshua Wright, and is able to talk him down. Bushrod chases down the two making a break for the backdoor, but is hit with a powder which causes him to hallucinate. Albert attacks one of the three, ultimately killing him in a violent rage. In the end, one kidnapper dies, two escape (with a hostage) and two are placated.

    Back at Lisa's, some information is learned: Abigail, the female in the couple from next door, tells the party that shortly after the sandstorm started, a group of people stormed in and threw some black powder on them, making her and her boyfriend Marty hallucinate. She remembers that she was asked about her purity, where she felt compelled to answer truthfully -- that she wasn't. Marty said he was, so they decided to take him rather than leave empty-handed. She remembers them saying that the "backup woman" was at the Middle School.

    Joshua tells the party that he's unsure why he was following the orders, but he had no choice -- that when he was told to come to this house and kidnap a woman named Abigail, he simply complied. When asked who gave him his orders, he tells them it was Martin Cavanaugh, the Pinebox Chief of Police. He also says that he remembers hearing that 4 kidnapping were to take place: one here, one at Vestal Hills Mobile Park, one at the Old City Landfill and one at the Middle School.

    Armed with this information, the party decides to go to the Middle School. Once they get there, they see more hooded figures guarding the place. Ultimately, they discover the woman, Jessica Barnes, and a boy child, Irving Carson, inside the music room. They are not able to escape silently however and are forced to fight their way out, but ultimately succeed in getting Irving and Jessica to safety. As they leave, the sandstorm seems to abate.

    --------ROLL CREDITS----------

    Feel free to edit/expand, or let me know if you'd like to follow up on anything.

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