Naked Nathan - Book of Dzyan Rolls

  • You have seen the phrases ‘Expansion of Body,’ ‘Unfolding of Soul’ and ‘Resurrection of Mind’ appear a number of times in the text. However, there are a few places where the wording is different. Ocassionally, you see ‘Unfolding of Body’ ‘Resurrection of Soul’ and ‘Expansion of Mind.’ Taking a longer look, you see that the passages that follow diverge from the rest of the text in a considerable way and you notice that an Elder Sign is present on all 3 pages. There is a 4th place where you notice the Elder sign and a divergence from the text. ‘Pact of the Sons and Daughters’ heads the page.

    Posting this here to keep it public! I have to make an intelligence roll to decipher 2 of these four passages from my tome, the Book of Dzyan. I choose to Investigate the Unfolding of the Body and the Expansion of the Mind. My roll is: @NerdBot roll 1d100

    Hopefully that beats 60 INT.

  • @Marnix has summoned me, and so I appear. If you wish for me to roll dice, type !roll XdY+Z or mention me in a new topic with roll XdY+Z after my name.

  • !roll 1d100+0

  • You rolled 1d100+0: 34

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 34 = 34
    Total: 34

  • !roll 1d100 + 0

  • You rolled 1d100: 26

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 26 = 26
    Total: 26

  • !roll 1d100 + 0

  • You rolled 1d100: 63

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 63 = 63
    Total: 63

  • Not connected to the Book of Dzyan, but this feels like a better place to wrap-up the last session than starting a new thread.

    You, Patrick, Ranger Dan, and Chad all run screaming out of the cave... the orange light of the Burning Bone Snake slowly fading behind you. A minute later, Stevie rushes out and looks paler than she did before. Xavier never exits the cave. You all walk back to the Indian Reservation before parting ways.

    Everyone has gone, and the Crystallizer of Dreams is in your backpack. What do you do?

  • Nathan goes back to the Cave of Ibn Nastur. Assuming he is able to find it, he offers to return the Crystallizer of Dreams to Ibn Nastur.

  • You find the cave, and feel the tug of the idol around your neck. Before you is the familiar anthropomorphic figure. Traditionally, he is indifferent to your arrivals, but as you enter, you get the sense that he is excited (whether this is from the feathers on his back ruffling, the fur on his legs standing up, or something else entirely, you are unsure).

    "You have returned young one, and have brought a relic. What is your business here?"

  • Nathan draws the Crystallizer of Dreams from his bag unceremoniously. "This thing has been the cause of a lot of trouble on our end. I was thinking you might be a better handler for it for the time being. It seems you agree, and I wouldn't dare hold it hostage from you."

    Nathan extends his arm with the egg in hand, offering it up.

  • He looks at you, and you get the feeling that he is puzzled.

    "In the eons this relic has existed, countless beings have possessed it, and an innumerable amount more have died in the pursuit of its possession. Its powers have been coveted by those seeking knowledge, power, everlasting life, and much more.

    In a time long past by the measure of mortals, a young female found the ક્રિસ્ટલ ઓફ ડ્રીમ્સ (what he says is completely incomprehensible, but you understand it to be the Crystal) after it had been lost for a great many centuries. Upon taking it back to her people, they chose to use ક્રિસ્ટલ ઓફ ડ્રીમ્સ selflessly and with little regard for personal gain. For longer than many scholars and conquerors, these Chosen retained the relic and you live with their descendants now. However, the greed of one of their own overcame them and ક્રિસ્ટલ ઓફ ડ્રીમ્સ was eventually stolen.

    ... And now it has passed to you, Nathan. In my existence, I have never experienced one willing to give it up so freely. You truly wish to do so?"

  • "I do. Maybe one day, this little guy will end up in some worthwhile hands. I could probably pull off some incredible stuff with it myself. But when do you think there'll be another idiot willing to put it back where it belongs? I think I'd like that distinction. Yeah..." he pauses and nods with satisfaction, "I can live with that: Nathan, the singular idiot who returned the Crystallizer of Dreams."

  • !roll 1d100 + 0

    For the last spell. @Justin

  • You rolled 1d100: 97

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 97 = 97
    Total: 97

  • I just want to reiterate that I hate this roller. XD

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