LFG 5E or other, Early Evening

  • Looking for a game to play in, preferably 5E but I would be open to other systems as well. I have a lot of experience roleplaying and DMing multiple systems, but just looking to play right now. I work a rotating 4 day schedule, so I never know what days I have off, so I am looking for a group based on play-time rather than day of the week. Like maybe 5 or 6 to 10 - 10:30ish. Yes, I know that is very specific, but just throwing it out there to see if anyone has something available.

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    Hey, my current game goes a little longer than that but I will keep you in mind once we add one or finish/start another.

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    I am still looking for one myself, perhaps if there are enough of us LFGers maybe someone wanting to start a game might comment in the thread? Anyone else looking? I have a friend that has talked about starting a game, but right now I don't know what his timetable is.

  • Check out the looking for players post I made, and hit me up if you're interested!

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