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  • Hey everyone, as Pinebox has become more fleshed out – and the stories within it have become more complex – I’d like to start allowing you all (should you choose) to further explore things that have already happened when I run games. Listed below are the games I’ve run within Pinebox, along with a brief synopsis of what anyone in Pinebox would know about it (through the newspaper, word-of-mouth, etc…). Players who were at said sessions would obviously be able to give you more information, and I’m willing to expand on certain things if you have questions.

    • Kidnapping!
      The owner of a local pizza shop, Ricardo Giovani, went missing and was presumed kidnapped by a worker of his named Trenton McCabe. Neither have been found, and Ricardo’s wife, Flora, has rarely been seen since. The night after the kidnapping, Theo Houghton (a man present at the time of the kidnapping) was found dead at the pizza shop after apparently ingesting everything edible and then moving onto other things such as aluminum foil and knives. His death is still unexplained.

    • County Fair
      For the first time, the Pinebox County Fair was sponsored by a corporation – Ceshi Industries! Little is known about them, but they added a lot to the Fair at no cost to the town. During the Hot Dog Eating Contest on the 2nd day of the 3-day Fair, there was an issue where one competitor, Aaron Tyson, viciously bit another competitor, Steven Holyfield. As both were from out of town, they were never reached for comment. The final day was marred as an administrative building burst into flames and the Fair was brought to a pre-mature close.

    • Death at the Reservation
      A death ritual not seen in many years occurred at the Caballo Indian Reservation outside of Pinebox. According to Chief Thomas Martin, Damien Wright – a prominent younger figure in the community – died while hunting. As the Reservation is off limits to local officials, no investigation was ever conducted. However, there were rumors that there was more to Damien’s death than just a hunting accident, because common practices involving death rites were not conducted properly, among other things.

    • Cabin in the Woods
      An older local man, Clyde Baughman, was found dead in his apartment in an apparent (violent) suicide. Clyde had been an active member of the community since retiring, increasingly so after the death of his wife Marlene. However, in the weeks/months leading up to his death, many saw him become increasingly delusional, anxious and paranoid. Around the same time as his body was discovered, a Cabin which Clyde owned in the Black Mountain National Wildlife Refuge caught fire and burned to the ground.

    • Camping Trip Gone Wrong / Locals Go Missing
      A police officer, Ken Baker, went missing after reports of gunfire near the Black Mountain National Wildlife Refuge and Nick DuPont, a local farmer, was reported missing around the same time. Official investigations into the disappearances haven’t uncovered anything. Ceshi Industries, who has continued to purchase farmland and agricultural facilities, abandons a project for the first time – an abandoned shrimp processing plant – located outside of town.

    • Sandstorm!
      A brutal and violent sandstorm whipped through Pinebox, with all residents urged to stay indoors. In the aftermath of the storm, locals Marty Johnson, Jeanine Martinez, and Merle Bennett were reported missing. Marty’s girlfriend, Abigail Franklin, could not be reached for comment. Jeanine’s mother, Sonya, was admitted to a psych ward after doctors say she experienced a psychotic episode. Merle has no family in the area. There were reports of gunfire at Pinebox Middle School during the storm, but that has chalked up to debris being tossed about by the storm.

    • Eclipse!
      Pinebox experienced the solar eclipse! Locals were surprised at how dark it got for so long, and many minor oddities – like random stone circles, graffiti, groups of people not from Pinebox, and slightly unnatural sights and sounds – were reported. When said oddities were investigated after the Eclipse ended, no trace of them could be found.

    Lastly, Pinebox has become a pretty big world, and while I’m generally aware of the things happening in Jonathan Meadows’ and Andy Bates’ games (the other 2 Pinebox GMs), I would prefer not to further plot lines from their games.

  • @Lirilia

    Hey, I'm super excited to have you all in my game this Sunday. Listed above is something I'd like to try out moving forward. If there is anything that peaks your interest from the above games, let me know.

    Continuing on with these storylines is not the only option available, as I will come with new material prepped, but should you want to explore these further, I'm happy to do so.

  • First: When are these posts going to be adapted into a Nightvale style podcast. That needs to happen. This is great.

    Second: Is there a way we can pursue anything with regard to the Eclipse? I feel like some conversations with Elder Gods took place that would be cool to delve further into.

  • If be interested way more in either the campground investigation, or the Cabin scenario, for two reasons:

    I played in the eclipse scenario, and there wasn't anything very substantial to follow up on, in my humble opinion. It was basically a bunch of (very fun) random encounters.

    My character is a Park Ranger, so it would feel a lot more organic for him to be involved in the Cabin and missing campers investigations.

  • I've got some printouts of this page. We can discuss with the others at Kaiju, although I'm open to whatever

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