Stevie Collins - Freezing Amulet

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    I found an amulet frozen to a corpse and am going to see if I can find out anything about it. I'm going to be using the library and other sources to research anything I can find on this, including my father's writings on the occult.

    Posting this here to keep it public! I am making a library use roll to see what I can find. My roll is: @NerdBot roll 1d100

    Library Use is 60.

  • @Lirilia has summoned me, and so I appear. If you wish for me to roll dice, type !roll XdY+Z or mention me in a new topic with roll XdY+Z after my name.

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    @NerdBot roll 1d100+0

  • You rolled 1d100+0: 78

    Your rolls:
    1d100: 78 = 78
    Total: 78

  • The necklace you acquired from the cave looks something like this, although the chain and setting are more bronze than gold and the chain links are larger.
    You spend a few days scouring your father's notes and looking through the library on campus (I can't remember whether your father worked at St. Damien's or the community college), but are not able to find anything that matches the description of the necklace or its effect on the man from the cave.

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