Saturday 5E, Numenera, or DCC (or maybe something else if there's interest and I learned some more rules)

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    Been wanting to run some more, and I'd like to get a regular (or semi-regular) game going. Problem is, a couple of years ago my kid stayed up too late and wormed his way into a DnD game, so now I can't play without a huge guilt trip if I ever play without him. Anybody up to try for a regular bi-weekly game where there's an 8 year old at the table?

    Preferably Saturday from 3-7 or 4-8 ish (with a high likelihood of running later than that at times, because let's be realistic).

    I've mostly run 5e, and would likely continue to run my Moonthrone setting if anyone's interested (see the section in the Multiverse section for more details), but would also be willing to run DCC or Numenera.

    (My preference is probably to run DCC, though I've only played and never ran it, then Numenera or 5E, while the kid really wants some Numenera, followed by 5E; he also keeps asking for Pathfinder and Starfinder--I used to play a lot of Pathfinder so have a lot of the books and sources for it, but I'm a little rusty, and haven't checked out Starfinder yet, though I really want to get around to it.)

    Any of that sound interesting to anybody?

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    This post is deleted!

  • Are you still looking for gamers? If so, how many? I have myself and two others looking for some gaming.
    Also, where would the game be, how old is your son, and what is DCC?

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    Kid is 8. He's use to playing with grown ups though. Not sure where might play, thinking Heroes, or wherever works for people. And DCC is Dungeon Crawl Classics.

  • We might still be interested, i'm part of the group that MLucas mentioned.

  • Numenera sounds interesting from what I know about the setting. I'm kinda burnt out on your standard dungeon crawl/fantasy setting.

  • Hey,

    I'm not sure if this is what you are looking for but I run an open weekly 5e game that meets every Saturday from 12-2 at Pearl st coffee and gaming in jeffersonville Indiana. Our group is open to all ages(i think our youngest is 12).

    But we run a game that anyone can join as their schedule permits. The game is beginner friendly and very friendly.

    If you're interested you can message me here or email me at

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    I've been meaning to check out Pearl Street Coffee since I saw they opened. My wife works near there, so I'm always passing by. We might try and swing by this Saturday if I can get my act together.

    And if anyone wants to try out Numenera (or Dungeon Crawl Classics or whatever), I might be able to meet up Saturday afternoon around 4 or 5 to run something, or at least build some characters.
    I'll be running Friday night at Heroes though, so don't want to overcommit. I'll try and know more definitively in a day or so.

  • This weekends no good, because of Louder Than Life.

  • Could we meet up Friday or Monday?

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    AHH wish I could committ to a saturday game, but there are always too many things that come up, would love a dcc regular.

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    Is there an update on this? I am interested in trying to do a regular game at Friday Night RPGs. Peferrably DCC.

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    My plan has been to run DnD at Friday Night RPGs at least until Nerdlouvia, since I'm doing the MV special. After that, kinda depends on if there are enough ongoing players in my game that I wanna keep the same setting going.

    But seeing as how I haven't had too many regulars yet, kinda wanna switch to DCC or MCC. And still up for getting some other regular game time, if I can just make it work with my schedule.

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    Keep us posted, I think I could commit to a bi-weekly DCC game, love the system and would like to try more of it.

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