Weekly evening game (currently Tuesdays) looking for a new player or two.

  • Louisville area gaming group in search of 1 or 2 additional players.

    -Don't be a dick but be open to dick jokes (& similar crudeness)
    -Be able to regularly attend weekly on Tuesday nights (generally 6ish-10-ish)
    -Be willing and able to travel to host's home on Hillcrest Ave in Louisville
    -Be open to playing different settings & systems (even if only once)
    -Be prepared to go off topic (we call our group Digression Incorporated)

    We are currently playing a 5e D&D campaign (just hit 9th level). After that is complete, there are 1-2 other 5e D&D campaigns as well as a Savage Rifts (Rifts setting Savage Worlds rules) campaign we may return to. Or possibly something else, we're fairly free flowing. We sometimes play board games when attendance issues arise that prevent playing of current campaign.

  • Adventurer

    Just saw this. I'd be thrilled to join! I have a character that I created recently that has no game that is ready to go that is a slight homebrew. Could send it to you if you are open to the idea. I feel it is balanced but would want to stay within what you find acceptable. Tuesday is a perfect night for me.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    I can vouch for this group. They are good people, with tons of experience across multiple genres. And they game is fun too. ;)

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