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  • Seems like the forum loses my post every few months.
    I mostly contact Nerd Louisville through Jonathan and Andy, but we all cross paths here and there.

    So introductions...
    Wanted to let people know that the Louisville Anime Community exists. We've been running events over 3 years
    now and one of our side projects is the Louisville Video Gamer's Guild.

    We're a group for fans of all ages who appreciate Anime (Japanese Animation), whether you're new to the genre or an "oldy moldy" who subbed VHS back in the day. We endeavor to connect people with similar tastes, and expand fun opportunities for anime related events in the Louisville / Southern Indiana region. Some of those being anime viewings, manga swap, gaming parties, panels, social convention groups, food meetups, cosplay, & more.

    We generally hold 2-4 events per month across Louisville & Southern IN. Tonight we're doing cosplay bowling and have a number of theater movies coming up.

    We also work with conventions, such as ConGlomeration, FandomFest, comic shops, the library system, and are expanding into other groups to get the word out and expand their anime related programming. We're aiming to start a new anime convention for Louisville soon.

    We produce a 6-8 page newsletter bi-monthly for our Meetup members, or if you prefer to stay on the fringe but still see what events we have going we have a Facebook group.


    Young or old, if you like anime, come check us out!

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    @randall-lac said in Louisville Anime Community - Local Events:

    Seems like the forum loses my post every few months.

    Want me to pin this?

  • Um, up to you? I figured Gen Disc' was the least of evils as to where to put it. I had a post on the first forum, and I made a new one here before the Groups feature was implemented, but they seem to get eaten or deleted. I searched, nothing remains. The Cosplay bowling that Dave was posting is our event, we put stuff up on a monthly basis.

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  • Okay thanks.

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