Welcome to The City of Izuz!

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    Feeling the compulsion of adventurelust and spite, you all set out on the Sea Devil, a ship known to visit the Eldritch Isles from time-to-time. Through typhoon and tempest, you finally reach the towering city of Izuz - the bastion of human civilization in the Eldritch Isles.

    Welcome to Izuz - your home in the Eldritch Isles. Izuz is a port city on the small isle of Calyzaer, the only island where humans rule, importing their exiles, pirates, thieves, and... adventurers bent on plundering the Isles of their treasures and artifacts.

    Izuz is a labyrinthine city of rising towers partitioned by narrow alleys and connected by stone bridges at varying tiers. A caustic smog lingers in and above the city, concealing the night sky most of the time. A perpetual drizzle coats Izuz and a black smog flows throughout the narrow alleyways and passages, coating cloaks and stone with a soot-like smear. Izuz is a city of towers with bridges encircling and connecting them.


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