Information left behind by Stevie Collins

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    Stevie died at the hands of a savage creature that took a whole team to best, thanks to all the shitty rolls. But she left behind a notebook of her adventures for @Marnix 's character Naked Nathan as she has come to trust his dealings with creepy shit. Inside is information from her research while at the Reservation while searching for the Crystalizer.

    There are several drawings with related runes, names, and descriptions by each.
    Narthath - an armored man
    Oukranos - guant naked man, fins on ankles
    Tamash - short, silver skinned, black hair & beard
    Zo-kalar - a nude female holding a baby in one arm and a dead person in the other
    Hagorg - a reptilian monster
    Korakal - elf like humanoid that is female
    Lobon - female, icy crowned youth w/ spear

    There is also the following note, "And then the hawk-turtle-bear said unto the Elder 'When the Scaled Redeemer reawakens and its brood slithers across the land and covers the water, the Egg of the Dark Man can awaken the Dreamer of N'kai.'"

  • Nathan doesn't attend the funeral, at least not to anyone's knowledge. He watches it from afar. Knowing that Stevie had information he'd rather not fall into the hands of snakemen, or God forbid someone she knows (getting them involved in things he wouldn't wish on anyone), he searches her place for any materials or research regarding the strange things they've encountered together.

    @Jonathan-Meadows Let me know if this is an appropriate step. Nathan knows Stevie lived alone.

  • @marnix Sounds good to me

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