Any 5E Groups looking for players?

  • Any 5E Groups looking for players? Long time gamer, new to 5E. Thought I'd check it out.

  • Hey,
    I run a weekly 5e game from 12-2 every Saturday at Pearl st coffee and gaming. ( 405 pearl st, jeffersonville Indiana)

    This game is open to who ever shows up with no weekly commitment. We are beginner friendly and friendly to all ages.

    If you want to join we are currently level 5 so if you feel comfortable making a character go for it. If not we have pre generated sheets ready.

    The weekend of the 21st we are taking off.

  • Our long running group meets on Tuesday nights from 6 to 10pm, in the Crescent Hill neighborhood. We currently have an extra seat or two. Running 5E at the moment, and doing a one-shot of Delta Green for Halloween.

    Hit me up w/ a message if interested.

  • @quadzie - That would be perfect for me. Though I can't commit (and I caught that you weren't looking for a commitment just yet), that time and location is very convenient for me. I am going to try to make it out there this Saturday to check it out. Thanks for the invite!

    As to a character, I won't have time to have everything figured out on the first game day, so I would love to borrow a basic character (any will do) for the first game. I will put one together as I finish reading the book (which I just picked up).

  • @cosmic-j - Tuesday's are tricky for me at the moment (weekender right now), though that time frame might work after the holidays. In the off-chance a seat is still open around then, I would love to come check out your group. Thanks so much for the invite.

  • @maeldervish - No Problem! Maybe we'll sling some dice in the future. :)

  • @maeldervish awesome excited to meet you.

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