Dr. Weird and the Winter Ring

  • Tonight I was magically conscripted by Dr. Weird again in an effort to save the universe from magical artifacts which are, no doubt, much safer in his hands. Yes for the price of some good mercenaries he was able to selflessly aquire a priceless magical ring of eternal winter from an ancient mummy.
    Our marry band was teleported to a magical winter wonderland with temperatures so low that we almost died just walking, thankfully we were prepared by our erstwhile employer with orphan stitched winter coats that we were assured would magically "keep us from instantly dieing."
    A few of our number decided to serve as wild magic test subjects for Dr. Weird as well, an opportunity I mournfully declined. The usual treats of teleportation and sheepshifting ensued, sadly without any spontaneous combustion that may have assisted with the freezing climate.
    You don't really think about how difficult climbing is until you are forced to do so while your fingers turn blue, and the climbing surface is made of ice. We fought our way through some undead, and the paladins barely disguised racism against them, before confronting the master of this stygian domain during what appeared to be his nap time. Our holy protector, her flaming wrath erect and ready, smote the undead foe and unnecessarily or bravely retrieved his ring.
    I, Dra'uul, was particularly selfless in donating my treasures from our expedition to fellow teammates, the value of which I'm told would have been several thousand in gold.
    I followed our trusty paladin back to Dr. Weird ' s headquarters where the two conspired...err...Had a cheerful reunion. Some people from our group may have been set up by the so called forces of good, one may have been magically robbed, who can say?!? Such is the life of a heroic adventure party. As for sacred mushrooms and skin parchment scrolls, I know nothing.

  • What Nooni remembers…
    I was whisked off by Dr. Weird again, this time to retrieve a ring. As he offered the usual fee I was amenable to his plan. Surprisingly I recognized everyone he pulled in for this escapade. Dra’uul, Moshai, Toshiba, and Iriella. As usual of late he had his little potion experiment running again, Dra’uul immediately gave his to Toshiba. This time he said it would be a little cold and gave us parkas in his theme colors. Oddly before we left he sent Jim off on a “job”. Upon arriving in this wonderfully spartan place Toshiba and I began taking the “experimentals”. 1st I turned into a sheep in many ways this was a distinct improvement because I was warm. While I was busy being a sheep Toshiba and Moshai started taking theirs. Toshiba 1st had his vision shift in an unspecified way, 2nd he became 4” taller permanently, 3rd his magic was strengthened, and 4th he gained a short-term teleportation ability. Moshai 1st had her liver fortified and 2nd 4 floomps appeared and attempted to run away 2 were cut down the others escaped only to die shortly after. This was very cold country. I regained my humanity and convinced Iriella to give me her potions. I then drank me 2nd becoming blue permanently, 3rd I became invisible for 10 min. and 4th flower petals, soothing music and butterflies appeared where I was for 10 min. rendering the invisibility totally ineffective.
    After this amusing little distraction, we focused on business. We saw a cave 100ft. above us. I took my potion of climbing and started up. Toshiba and Dra’uul flew up to wait for us. Iriella started climbing up with me and Moshai kept a look out. While we were climbing Toshiba was attacked by a wight which he and Dra’uul took out. He then raised it as a zombie. When I got to the top I set up my ropes so Iriella and Moshai would have an easier time getting up. I then retrieve them.
    We then proceed to look for this ring. We know that all this cold is its fault, so we head deeper into the cave always heading towards the cold. We find a room with 12 bejeweled mummies which I immediately begin looting. I gain 4 schmancy necklaces (2,000gp ea.) as do Moshai and Dra’uul. I set up my ropes for climbing twice more and leave them set up just in case. We find a muddy, slushy puddle and send the zombie through. Moshai “sensed” it get through and then be cut down by 2 more but there was a “bigger” thing beyond it. She then set a trap on our side of the mud and sneakily slipped through the mud to really see what it was. There were 2 more wights standing there she struck at one hoping to lure them through, but they didn’t go for it. We then connected ourselves with a rope, so we wouldn’t get lost or confused and slipped through to attack them. The battle was quick, and we cut them both down. Moshai was really getting her sneak on this job and many times rolled in snow and whatnot so she would blend in. We came to a room with a quicksilver “lake”, a doorway beyond it and a corridor off to the right. As the cold was coming from the doorway Moshai cast Waterwalk on us and we went towards it keeping to the left.
    Toshiba and Dra’uul went for the doorway watching a mummy rise from his tomb with a glow around his finger “the ring”. They shoot it and knock it prone calling out to us that it’s a mummy. You can practically see Iriella swell with might as she rushes forward Moshai just after her. The mummy summons a locast swarm. Shortly after that Iriella stalks forward and strikes it down in one mighty blow, making me rethink some of my life choices (oh well), and collecting the ring in the special carrying case Dr. Weird gave us. We then decide to check the rest of the place in case there is anything good.
    The next chamber contains 10 scrolls written on human skin in a language none of us know. Toshiba grabs them. I then insist that I want to retrieve my ropes and pitons. Which we do. Then Toshiba, Moshai, and I check one last room while Iriella and Dra’uul remain behind, since no one wants to take their heavy armor off twice in one adventure. While we are busy looting big mushroom jars, 2 each since we lost one, getting some nifty mushroom book for Toshiba and giving him time to get this funky mystical sigil on the floor down for later. Iriella gets Dr. Weird to pull them back for a quick word. She is really “not down” with the scrolls and barters away her payment for this job and 2 more jobs if he will destroy these items. He agrees and Pulls us back when we call asks her which one she says Toshiba and the scrolls are destroyed Toshiba attacks Dr. Weird unsuccessfully and is banished with nothing for his trouble. Moshai successfully appeals to Dr. Weird’s sense of fairness. He then summons Toshiba back discovers he should have at least asked and allows that he was a little hasty on his choice of actions and permits Toshiba to collect his reward. He then sends us all back to the Underdark.

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