Looking for a 5E Group to Join

  • I know there was a post about this not long ago, but is anyone looking for players?

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    @dankerbug said in Looking for a 5E Group to Join:

    I know there was a post about this not long ago, but is anyone looking for players?

    You might also try attending Friday Night RPGs this week. There will be some 5E there (I'm running a game).

  • We've got a long running group that meets on Tuesday nights, 6 - 10pm, currently playing 5E. Still have an extra seat...

  • What kind of game are ya running? Any specific kind of player/character you're looking for?

  • @dankerbug We're switching off between two 5E campaigns right now. Current campaign is a sandbox based around the city of Caford and it's regional environs. The city is on a major trade route, but suffers from ineffectual leadership and infighting between the nobles and landed gentry, and thus needs our PCs to save it from various external and internal threats. We are the heroes Caford needs...

    Characters for that game are currently 9th level.

    The other has a more linear narrative, w/ a nautical/pirate theme. Set in Sasserine, the last city at the edge of the world before the endless jungle, the PCs run around saving the people/the city/the world while scheming against other power groups. We should be getting back to that one soon, to begin a new arc (extra convenient for adding characters), and the PCs have just reached 5th level, w/ the intent of eventually reaching level 20.

    The set up for both campaigns makes it easy to introduce new PCs by design, so joining is no hassle.

    Standard AL rules: array or point buy, PHB +1.


  • I run a weekly game on Saturday's that is open to whom ever wants to join.

    We meet Saturdays from noon to 2 at pearl st coffee and gaming at 405 pearl st jeffersonville Indiana. Often running two tables. Our game ranges from old vets to new kids. We don't require a weekly commitment so no pressure. Any questions feel free dm me.

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