ProcJam (11/4)

  • ProcJam's annual worldwide game jam runs from Nov. 4th to Nov. 13th, and WarpZone is hosting a kickoff for anyone interested in making procedurally generated games.
    The official tagline is "Make something that makes something".
    Procedural generation is a technique of creation where some or all of the work is done by computers.
    Can computers generate music? Game maps? Graphics? You betcha!
    We'll keep the doors open from at least 10AM - 5PM Nov. 4th to kick off the week long jam.
    You're on your own for the rest of the week, but stop by WarpZone for our other meetups and we can showcase what we've built after the 13th!
    Tutorials, videos, and other content from the ProcJam official site and from other sources will be queued up for your viewing pleasure all day.
    Come join the fun!






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