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    Pinebox is a fictional town for multiple GMs to share as a setting for the Call of Cthulhu adventures. So far Jonathan Meadows, WJ McGuffin, and I have run adventures set in Pinebox, and some other GMs have expressed interest.

    See attached for the Pinebox Fact Sheet, which has information about the setting 0_1481390446634_Pinebox Fact Sheet.pdf

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    Here is the latest version of the Pinebox Fact Sheet: Pinebox Fact Sheet V02 pdf

    This version includes some of the clues that characters have discovered over the course of the episodes, including the Subterranean Empire of K'n-yan and the Agency.
    It's already due for a revision, since it says the Necronomicon is at St. Damian's, but the character's in last night's game destroyed the Necronomicon!

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