The One Ring

  • Has anyone played this? Comparisons to other systems? Someone on the Burning Wheel G+ group brought up using a campaign book (Darkening of Mirkwood) from this system and it reminded me that it existed. Looks like there are some Roll20 games of it, so I was curious before I threw my hat into a second online game group possibly.

    John, didn't you have some interest in it at some point?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @sellanraa I bought the core set when it first came out. I ran one game of it. The maps and art are beautiful. I'm interested in playing more of it if I had the time.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    @sellanraa Do you want to borrow it and check it out?

  • Anything set the system apart or is it pretty D&D-esque in mechanics, character creation, and whatnot?

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    It's definitely different. Its been a while since I looked at it. But from what I remember, they use unique dice. You roll a number of d6s and a d12 for resolutions. The d12 is numbered 1-10 with a spot for the Eye of Sauron and Mithrandir. If you don't succeed and get the Eye, the Shadow starts to take over and influence your actions. When you create characters, you create a Fellowship (I wish they had called it something else, but whatever) Certain actions the Fellowship takes can remove the effects of the Shadow...or make it worse.

    The set I have is a (not so subtle) tie in for the first Hobbit movie. It takes place after the Dwarves have returned to Erebor and Bard rules Dale. You only get rules for 'classes' around that area, Men of Lake town, Dwarves of the Lonely Mountain, Men who follow Beorn, etc.

    Other books open more of Middle Earth and more classes. Which is kind of annoying, but I get they want to make money.
    I think it has potential to be fun.

    This discussion has made me want to bust it out and look through it again. 😀

  • Well, if you break it out and make any more interesting discoveries about the system you think are worth sharing, let me know.

    The books look quite expensive.

  • Knight Fauxrunner Judge

    I just downloaded a 12 page revision to the book I have....that's annoying

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