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  • Check out our new page on the website: The Nerd Alert:
    It lists upcoming nerdy events in town. I plan to update it approximately weekly. If you have any events to share, send them to

    I am maintaining it for now. Insha Allah, someone else will take over at some point. If you think that running the nerd alert would be a fun way to volunteer for NerdLouisville, let us know!

    I can't list every event in every game shop, so it has links to the webpages or facebook pages for the shops that have their own event calendars. Let me know if I should add any game shops to the list or add links to any other nerdy groups.

    I'm going to do my best to curate the list so that it has the most value for someone seeking a nerdy good time in Louisville and so that maintaining the list doesn't become a full-time job. I'm going to restrict it to only events in the Louisville metro area (Jefferson County and the counties that border it), not the larger region. The schedule for the upcoming week will normally have new events, not regularly recurring events - there's just too many of them (except it will have our Nerd Louisville events - let us be a little selfish like that). If you have a NEW regularly recurring event, let me know and I'll put the first occurrence on the upcoming weekly list.

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  • @mike Will do. Dmattingly is a great source of info about nerdy happenings in Louisville.

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