Louisville Anime/Video Gamers: BYOC Card and Video Gaming (12/3)

  • Come play both tabletop games like King of Tokyo and video games like Smash Bros. We generally try to run a few anime themed games at our events. Console wise we'll likely have the mainstays, N64, 360, PS2-4, Dreamcast, over about 5 or so screens. We'll have a mixture of games, anime, party, racing fps, etc in rotation. Depending on turnout we may do something with a tournament ladder. We'll have a few tables of board games as well, if you're not so much into pixels.

    Please bring and tag your own controller, controllers can also be purchased in store. If you want to come with a gaming or anime cosplay, that's fine. It most likely will be colder out being December.

    Card-N-All also has a nice selection of new and retro games at reasonable prices, as well as hardware. Please be considerate of their space. They are also giving us a special 10% off discount for the event. Much of the store is already really cheap compared to any other game store in Louisville. So come down to play some games and check what they've got.

    Location Detail:
    If you're coming from Manslick Rd. headed South, it will be in a 2 story white strip mall on the right, across from the Marathon station at the traffic light. Card-N-All is the last shop in the plaza on the end. If you pass the Cardinal Market gas station you've gone too far.

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