Cosplay Pre-Panel Meeting & Anime Viewing (12/19)

  • This is listed in the Nerd Alert, briefly.

    We'll be meeting at the Southwest Regional Library (where Random Fandom was held) for a joint event. After setup for the anime viewing on the big screen, we'll be splitting up and those who want to participate in the cosplay panel on January 25th will discuss what they can present.

    Location: Enter the library, turn right twice and you should be facing the large conference room doors, past the bathrooms. It's basically a upside down U from the entrance.

    As space for panelists is very tight, we won't be accepting walk in panelists on the 25th, so this meeting will be mandatory for the speaker or their representative to know what is going to happen and how much time, etc, each will have. If you're planning to come as a panelist (not just for the anime viewing), please comment on the event page.

    We're hoping to make this into a cosplay how-to series with the library, which has a very new and modern facility. Anyone that can't make it, provided we get attendees on Jan 25th, should be at ease, as we will try to do more of these type events.

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